Why Would a Sports and Entertainment Company Need Managed IT Services?

No matter what industry or sector you operate in, every business requires managed IT services. It’s not just to protect data, which is of course the main reason why you need this kind of support, but it’s also to help make your business more resilient. If data is not directly handled by you at your premises, there is less chance of it being stolen or wiped out, and that can only mean you have less to worry about. 

The question is, why do sports companies and companies who work in entertainment require managed IT services in particular? There are tons of reasons why, but we chose the best ones to help make things clear.

Who Do You Need to Protect?

Chances are that you not only want to protect customer data, but also, the data of your sponsors. They will be running marketing campaigns with you, you will be sharing customer data with them and it will go back and forth. A lot of data will be sent and received over a season and beyond. 

So with managed IT services, you can stay on top of your game by keeping ransomware, hackers and viruses out of your customers and your sponsor data. This is one of the top reasons managed IT services for sports companies are so popular. You’ll have firewalls and data encryption protecting every little piece of data as it comes and goes from the servers. 

Multiple Locations

Chances are also high that you have multiple locations and you worry about how each regional and state manager of your branches is performing with regards to data protection. Well, with our managed IT services, you don’t have to store physical servers in the office. We take care of all the infrastructure, hardware and access portal. 

So even if one location has their power go out due to a flood, they can still keep operating thanks to a centralized disaster-resistant cloud platform. You don’t have to buy power generators or make multiple systems saves to keep your data safe from natural disasters anymore, and at much lower cost.

Reputational Harm

If your business suffers a data breach it won’t just be you that gets upset, it will be regulators and lawmakers. Bad news spreads like wildfire on steroids across social media. So you need to work with a managed IT services company that can fight back against cyber attacks 24-7. 

This is done by our constant monitoring system, whereby we spot, track, log and alert you of any suspicious activity, whether it’s external or internal to your business. Sports companies need to be aware that they are the target of hackers because they know how much juice they can extract from you.