Mint mobile reviews: Activate

Switching service providers may sound like a hassle, but Mint Mobile activate takes minutes. They make it simple and easy to switch from your current provider, while saving money in the process. 

When you decide to try Mint Mobile, you need to buy the $5 Mint Mobile starter kit. The kit will come with everything you need to get started. The following are all the steps you need to know in order to activate your Mint Mobile service. 

1. Buy a $5 Mint Mobile starter kit

You can buy a Mint Mobile starter kit through Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, and Best Buy. The kit can be shipped to you, so you can get started when you get it. The kit will be your first step to starting your service with Mint Mobile. 

2. Open the Mint Mobile kit

Once you get your Mint Mobile kit, open it to find a list of directions and a card that holds the SIM card. The SIM card comes in different sizes so it can fit various phones. It comes in standard, micro (smaller), and Nano (even smaller). 

3. Choose your SIM card

Choose the SIM card that fits your phone and set the card holder to the side (the card that the SIM card came in). Keep it close, however, because you will need it to activate the SIM later. Replace your current SIM card with the new card and reset your phone. 

4. Go to

You remember the card we saved from step 2? Find the activation code on the back of the card. Enter that activation code online at Once you’ve entered the code, “My Account Info” will pop up asking you about your current phone number. 

5. Choose your phone number

You can either keep your old number or use the new one. If you want to keep your current number, make sure you have your account number and PINs/passwords to your current service provider. This will allow you to switch over your old number. 

Be aware: this is the only time you can choose to keep your number. If you decide after activation that you want your old number, it is too late. 

6. Enter billing info and activate

Your billing info includes your bank account information that you will use to pay for your service. You can save this to your account so it can auto-draft when you need to buy your next few months of coverage. 

You’re all set! Once you are activated with your service you can take advantage of your unlimited calling, texting, and whichever data plan you chose. Check this out for a thorough review of Mint Mobile including everything you need to know. 

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