Why You Should Choose an I-CAR Gold Class Auto Body Shop

There are many factors that need to be taken into account when choosing an auto body shop to perform repairs on your car. Comparing a range of options is a good idea, but one thing that you shouldn’t overlook is the I-CAR Gold Class Auto Body Shop symbol.

If you’re not sure about what this is or why it’s so significant when choosing an auto body shop, you’re in the right place. Here’s a guide to this vital program and what it means for you as a car owner looking to hire people you can trust.

What is the I-CAR Gold Class Program?

Experts in the collision repair sector founded I-CAR in the 1970s, and it was designed to create a set of standards for auto repair that drivers could trust and rely on. 

These standards created expectations for accuracy and safety, and they’ve become the standards that the industry sees as the basis for a good auto repair shop. As a result, many auto body shops find it critical to obtain and actively maintain their Gold Class symbol.

I-CAR means Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair. It’s a charity and training organization and remains a leading organization in the auto repairs sector. 

What Does the I-CAR Gold Class Symbol Mean?

Any auto repair body shops carrying the I-CAR Gold Class symbol must adhere to the safety and accuracy standards set out by the program. 

As this is an award that’s regulated by the organization, any auto shop with the Gold Class symbol has to complete yearly training for their vehicle repair technicians, as well as may have inspections or audits.

These inspections, audits, and training ensure technicians have knowledge regarding vehicle repairs and repair techniques that is fully up to date. This also ensures they’re able to carry out repairs on the latest vehicle technology, which is obviously something that’s changing all the time as vehicles advance. 

Any technician involved in collision repair work has to partake in this training in order for the Gold Class symbol to be retained.

Differences You Can Expect from an I-CAR Gold Class Auto Body Shop

There’s a certain expectation from car owners that comes with choosing an auto body shop that is certified by I-CAR via the Gold Class program. Customers expect that they can receive accurate information and repair estimates, as well as good work, from the auto body shop. And the symbol can be revoked in some instances of those standards not adhered to.

It’s important to choose an auto body shop that carries this symbol because it provides customers with greater reassurance that the repair work carried out is going to meet the highest of standards.

 Choosing a company without that recognition from I-CAR means taking a greater risk- so avoid any trouble and seek out a repair company with the I-CAR gold class recognition.