How To Incentivize People To Use Your Mobile Ordering App

With the world dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic this past year, businesses struggled to get their footing. With lockdown restrictions and instituted max capacity seating, it became even more challenging than ever for restaurant owners to be successful and turn a profit.
Despite that fact, many business owners did their best to think outside the box to help both keep and attract new business. Some attempts worked, while others did not. Still, one idea that was seen to work time and time again was the institution of a mobile ordering app
According to, nearly 60% of mobile orders were placed through a mobile app during the past year. With that being the case, it is easy to see why mobile ordering is booming and likely not going away anytime soon.

So, if your restaurant does not have a mobile app, where do you start? First, you have to market your app that gives customers a reason to actually download the application in the first place.

Below are four mobile ordering app benefits that you can use to incentivize consumers to get them to download your application: 

Earn Points for Purchases, Everyone Loves Free Stuff!

Within a mobile app, restaurants have the ability to let customers earn points for purchases, as well as free and/or discounted items. This is a major selling point when it comes to marketing your respective mobile app. 

If you put yourself in the customer’s shoes, wouldn’t you want to be able to earn free food and drinks? Of course you would.

User Friendly

Another strong selling point of a mobile ordering app is its easy to use nature. Customers can easily navigate through an app, order what they want, and then just wait for their food to either arrive via delivery or wait for it to be ready for pickup.

They Don’t Have to Even Leave Their Car or Talk to Anyone!

As mentioned above, a mobile ordering app gives consumers the option of how they receive their food. If a customer prefers delivery, they can select that option in the mobile ordering app. If the customer chooses to go and pick up their food, there is also the option to do curbside pickup. 

Whatever the case may be, the fact that mobile ordering apps give flexibility to customers is a strong selling point.

Doesn’t Require Signing in Every Time

Another benefit of having a mobile ordering app is that customers would not have to sign in over and over again. Nowadays, apps are very intuitive. They have no issue remembering a password, so if your customer wanted to go through the quick and easy steps of mobile ordering, all they would have to do is open their app and start making their order.  

The easy sign-in, the delivery option, the free food and discounts, as well as the user-friendly medium makes a mobile ordering app a great way to conduct business in such a technological landscape (and you should be sure customers would agree).