Where to Begin with Cleaning Up After a Hoarder

Cleaning and tidying the house of a compulsive hoarder will take a lot of time to do it alone, also in such houses, the work of evacuation and cleaning is especially challenging. It needs to be tackled by a professional team. 

Houses of hoarders require more cleaning of the objects and general cleaning through rather than organization. That comes as a second priority. In fact, most homes and apartments of compulsive hoarders infect rats, mice, cockroaches, and other animals, as well as mold and bacteria. All of which can be quite damaging to the health of the cleaners; therefore you must proceed with caution. 

Be Well Prepared

The first tip is that first of all you will come prepared for everything, homes of compulsive hoarders are very dirty and polluted so when it comes to such a case it is better to come with a person who understands how to deal with the phenomenon. The first thing you need to do is of course bring gloves and face masks. Cleaning the home can expose you to various bacteria and contaminants, so personal protective equipment should be your top priority. 

Throw Out the Junk!

Generally, items that have not been used in a year or more, or broken items should be put in the trash category. You must understand that compulsive hoarding results from a mental disorder or a traumatic event caused by hoarding and therefore you need to be attentive, understanding and respectful. Otherwise the entire procedure will not be carried out properly. Things must be prepared methodically. 

If there’s anything they’re dying to keep. Find a place for it or put it into a protected storage unit.

Clean Away the Layers of Dirt

Sometimes the house of a compulsive hoarder reaches a state of pollution and hard dirt that is not understood at all because they have become accustomed to it. So, you must address their hearts and connect with their feelings, also first of all you will understand more why the problem was created and so you can get them to cooperate and help you in the clear up. Once the layers of trash have been removed, then the attention can be focused on cleaning. This must be completed with specialized equipment and cleaning products. Antibacterial solutions and a deep clean will be required. 

Take proper precautions if you find mold or house damage.

If you come across mold or other damages, these must be dealt with first and foremost. Mold can cause long term issues and is a relatively common problem. Before continuing on however, you must ensure that it is rid of any mold or damage, so that the house can achieve its highest level of cleanliness. 

Security and safety 

You must understand that if you come to help a compulsive hoarder, they see their home as the safest haven and before they have gone through the adequate therapy, they will not want to throw any of their items in the garbage. Be sensitive, appreciate their worries and deal with the problem professionally. Calling in a team to help is the best option and you can look at professional hoarding cleanup for further assistance.