8 Warning Signs That It’s Time to Trim a Tree

Tree pruning is necessary for many reasons. It helps to encourage healthy growth and maintains esthetics. However, not everyone knows when it is time to trim their trees. Here are eight warning signs that it is time to trim your trees.

1- Dead Branches

Not only do dead branches look bad, they can cause harm to a healthy tree. Dead branches can break away from a tree and fall onto a house, fence, or nearby structures. Brittle branches can break off during a strong storm, potentially causing hazards such as blocked roads and other serious problems.

2- The Tree Appears to Be Ill

Diseases can be hazardous to a tree. A disease can quickly spread from one branch to another. Tree trimming is essential to the life of the tree. A diseased tree will need to be removed. Diseases can spread to other nearby trees if not removed from the sick tree promptly.

3- The Tree is Getting Too Big

Trees grown, that is what they do. However, they may begin to get too big. Branches may start to touch power lines or hang over roads, causing safety issues. Branches crossing one another can cause damage to the bark. Damaged bark can cause tree branches to decay and spread to the entire tree.

4- Storm Damage

Wind, snow, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters can damage trees. It is best to prune trees before a significant weather event to help prevent damage and breakage. Also, check for damage after a strong storm. Promptly remove any damaged branches, if possible, to stop further damage.

5- The Tree is Going Rogue

Trees can grow a bit wild, especially if not pruned regularly. A tree not following its natural orientation can become problematic. Branches may be growing in directions not suitable for their surroundings. Also, a tree not shaped properly may become damaged due to the weight of the branches.

6- Pest Control

Have a pest problem in your house or outbuildings and not sure where they are coming from? Check your trees. Branches touching a house create a bridge for ants, terminates, and other pests to enter. Some trees are also prone to certain types of pests. Keeping trees trimmed helps to keep them healthy.

7- Cracking Bark

Cracks in the bark are indicators that something is wrong with the tree. If the tree is left alone, it is likely to die soon. The best way to save the tree is to remove the branches with deep cracks.

8- The Canopy is Too Dense

Trees need more than sunlight and water to be healthy. They also need a healthy amount of airflow. If the canopy is too dense, the tree’s center is not getting enough air. Leaves do not get enough air to dry after a rain. The wet leaves have a greater chance of developing fungal diseases.

Trees are not only vital to our environment; they add a touch of beauty to our landscapes. However, they do require attention to remain healthy. Keeping trees trimmed helps them to retain their beauty, removes potential hazards, and keeps them healthy.