How Different Types of Organizations Should Market Digitally And Tips For Each To Help Them Succeed

The business landscape has changed immensely with the introduction of digital marketing. A successful digital marketing campaign can completely change the trajectory of a business. This form of marketing can do a myriad of things including attracting leads, closing sales, creating a brand image, and showcasing knowledge of a company. Different businesses need to market far differently as marketing in certain niches is extremely competitive with companies putting millions of dollars towards marketing efforts. The following are different strategies that companies in particular niches should be using to maximize their digital marketing efforts.


Digital marketing for a startup has to be in full force in order to rank for certain search terms as well as promote the brand. An unknown brand can be tough to work with but thankfully a well-timed digital marketing campaign can change this in a matter of weeks. Getting featured on industry publications can help showcase knowledge as well as create a buzz about a startup offering a new product/service. Concentrating on quality content is important as a startup usually does not have a large amount of cash flow and it has been shown quality content converts far better than low quality. A startup selling massage chairs that offer holistic massage might want to educate consumers about the health benefits of massage. Not only is this interesting but also informative which can entice people to purchase the chair.

Local Dentist/Doctor

The marketing plan of a doctor or dentist in a local area is to maximize exposure as well as set appointments. Local SEO to help climb the search engines has to be done as otherwise an inferior quality dentist could top them due to having a superior marketing plan. The ease of setting an appointment should be paramount allowing people to do so online as calling for an appointment seems outdated to many consumers. Using the practice’s blog can be done to quell fears over an appointment as this is quite common for both doctors and dentists. Answering common questions about issues in these areas is another way to gain the trust of those visiting the website/blog.


A nonprofit organization need to target their marketing efforts towards donors and potential volunteers. The animal based nonprofit wants to market in order to live a more animal friendly lifestyle. Those animals do include humans so it services a wide array of needs for the community. Social media is a good way for a nonprofit to garner attention without it costing anything as posting on all major social media outlets is free unless you want to pay for it to be promoted. Marketing efforts should concentrate on educating consumers in the hopes that they will donate or volunteer to help a great cause. 

Ecommerce Store

The ecommerce world is booming without sign of slowing down which can make it quite a profitable venture for those that are successful. The trick to marketing in an efficient way in this industry is by targeting the products that have the highest profit margin for the company. If these products continue to sell this gives more leeway to drop other prices of products that you might not be as competitive with as larger companies sell those. The product copy on the sales pages also have to be perfect as the copy could be what makes or breaks a sale.

As you can see there are plenty of different things to consider when marketing for different types of organizations. Take the time to write out goals before putting a marketing strategy in place to accomplish these goals.