NewsTechnology launches own crowdfunder

We need your help. We have launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds needed to continue running We have hit that critical point in a start-up’s life cycle where we have proven the idea to work, but now we need to scale up to get to sustainability. With half a million dollars raised for visual journalism we know it works, but venture capital with a social spin is hard to come by.

Therefore, we are reaching out to you, our community, the people who get what we do. We need you to take the next step with us: If each one of you supports this crowdfunder with $20, we will have reached our goal and can continue our operations to tell stories that would otherwise go untold. Please, take a moment to look at our pitch:

We have come this far through a lot of work, passion, enthusiasm for what we do and the independent storytelling world we are fighting for. As a fellow journalism passionado we hope we can count you in.
Love, spread, and most of all pledge your support!