Solar eclipse: Eye health warning

Why are people so stupid about protecting their eyesight during an eclipse? It’s simple, really — they don’t really believe the Sun exists. They have come to believe that it is a medieval myth that some crazed monk somewhere in Ireland decided to write up in a lambskin vellum book and then set aside for a thousand or so years, until an auction house in London found it and auctioned it off for a cool million.

That, at least, is what most experts think about the cause of the many injures to the eyes during a solar eclipse. But what do experts know? They told us that fish oil is good for us, and now large sections of the population are exuding greasy finny fluids to such an extent that the unwary are sliding to their deaths over cliffs at the rate of ten an hour. It’s enough to make a man want take a good long look at the sun.