4 Reasons Why IT Services Are a Game Changer

The business environment is changing. The growth in the number of mobile devices, increased availability of bandwidth and cloud computing are impacting how businesses operate. As a result, new technologies such as unified communications and collaboration (UC&C), realms trust model for user authentication and data center virtualization have become commonplace today. However these technologies often require IT services to get the best out of them and create a competitive edge for an organization.

One such service that is growing in demand for both end users and IT service providers, is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems. A modern day business communication solution, the VoIP telephone system enables users to make calls over broadband internet connections instead of traditional copper wires. Voicemail, voice conferencing and faxing can now be seamlessly integrated with email and instant messaging.

With cloud based telephony, users can easily make local and international calls at affordable rates. The convenience of mobility allows employees to stay connected anywhere as long as they have their laptops or smartphones with them.

One of the most common misconceptions among business owners is that they can go for the VoIP phone system themselves, without involving their service providers. However, some of the advantages of working with a qualified IT services provider are:

1. Manage day-to-day VoIP systems administration tasks – A simple software update might cause an issue, but a skilled technician knows how to handle it. This ensures that the VoIP telephone system works efficiently without disruption to business communications.

2. Work with a dedicated team of experts – A service provider will have an expert team that is not only experienced in configuring and maintaining various types of phone systems, but also stays on top of modern technologies. The IT Services company also has access to the latest hardware and software, so that it can be deployed for a VoIP phone system without any hassle.

3. Benefit from robust security systems – The security details of a VoIP telephone system is complex and requires expertise in firewalls, encryption etc. Working with an IT services company ensures there are no weak points in the telephony infrastructure that might compromise network security.

4. Connect to a reliable phone system – Service providers have become more efficient in VoIP telephony, which ensures mobility and other advanced features at a much lower cost than ever before. Customers working with an IT services partner do not have to worry about costly licensing issues or contract negotiations as well. The provider is responsible for managing all aspects of the VoIP phone system, including technical support.