Why Vinyl Decks are Better Than Wood

The popularity of vinyl decks has skyrocketed in recent years. As homeowners have become more conscious of their property values, they are opting to invest in high-end products for outdoor living areas. Vinyl decks offer many features that wooden decks don’t have.

#1: Tool Damage

When you repair a wooden deck, it is very easy to accidentally damage the surrounding wood with the tools you’re using. This is not a problem with vinyl decks. Vinyl is a very soft material, so it can be easily repaired with a utility knife.

#2: Rotting and Warping

Wooden decks are susceptible to rotting and warping due to moisture exposure. Vinyl decks are not affected by moisture, so they will never rot or warp.

If you live somewhere that gets a lot of rain or humidity, vinyl decks are one of the best investments you can make for your special outdoor living area. They will require next to no maintenance, and they will look just as good in twenty years as they do today.

#3: Fire Resistance

Wooden decks are often a fire hazard, especially if they are made of treated lumber. Vinyl decks are not flammable and will not contribute to a fire.

Fires can result from  heating, lightning, or contact with hot materials. If you grill on your deck, always use a grill mat to protect the wood from heat damage.

#4: No Nails Required

Vinyl decks are screw-together designs that do not require nails or screws to put together. The interlocking design makes vinyl decks very easy to assemble. Additionally, if you make a mistake during the assembly process, it is much easier to take apart and re-assemble a vinyl deck than it is to fix a wooden deck.

Nails that stick out of wood are a hazard and should be removed. If you accidentally hit a nail when hammering in a screw, it can cause damage in the surrounding wood and lead to water leakage and rot.

#5: Greater Strength and Durability

Vinyl decks are stronger than wooden decks because they do not swell when exposed to moisture. When wood swells, it warps and becomes weaker. Vinyl decks also do not fade in the sun like wooden decks do. They will maintain their color for many years.

Vinyl decks are the better choice for your home decking project. They offer many advantages over wooden decks, and they are also a more affordable option. Contact a vinyl decking specialist today to learn more about the benefits of vinyl decks.