Strengthen Your Marriage – What’s the Point of Couples Counseling?

What’s the Point of Couples Counseling?

Can’t we just work this out ourselves?

Why do we need a couples counselor to help us anyway?”

These are questions that are often heard when counselors suggest to clients that they consider couples counseling. Many people do not understand why it is hard for successful couples to admit their relationship needs help and then go and get that help. They believe that if the couple is willing to work hard, they should be able to fix their problems on their own.

Enhance Your Relationship

However, research shows that successful couples counseling can increase relationship satisfaction, improve communication, and decrease conflict. In fact, a study by the Gottman Institute found that couples who received intervention through counseling were more likely to stay together than those who did not.

So, what is the point of couples counseling? The point is that it can help your relationship succeed. It can improve communication and help you work through conflicts in a healthy way. If you are struggling in your relationship, couples counseling may be just what you need to save it.

Difference Between Individual Therapy and Couples Counceling

Couples counseling is different from individual therapy. Clients are often told that the goal of couples counseling is to help them have a better relationship, not just to figure out how to solve their problems for themselves.

In individual therapy, your therapist works with you to understand your role in the problem and then helps you learn how to change it. In couples counseling, your therapist helps you to understand both of your roles in the problem and helps you to find a way to work together to solve it.

Work on Weaknesses


An example of a situation would be where one partner is always taking care of the kids and the other partner is always working. In individual therapy, each partner would be given tools to help them change their role in the problem. In couples counseling, both partners would be given tools to help them communicate better and work together to find a way to share the responsibilities more evenly.

Couples counseling can also help to build your skills so you can be ready to take on the problems in your life together. It is a time to learn and practice how to communicate and resolve conflict in a healthy way.

Balance Control

In addition to helping with communication and conflict resolution, couples counseling can also help change negative behaviors. Sometimes people find themselves doing things that are not good for their relationship because those behaviors have been a part of the relationship from the start. As time goes on, those behaviors can become more severe as each partner tries harder and harder to win control over

Couples counseling involves both partners working together to understand their relationship better and improve upon it. You are not alone when you go to couples counseling. Your therapist is there to help you work through your problems and enhance your relationship together.