Top 5 Reasons Car Accident Happen

Car accidents happen all over the country every single day. The figures for car crashes are far too high, and it’s not just the car crashes that are fatal that are reported. Smaller crashes that lead to hospitalization and fender benders are also in those figures, and yet not one of these accidents is ever okay. We have so much technology at our disposal in the automotive industry and yet here we are, dealing with some of the worst crash figures in the world. 

It’s important that every single driver on the road knows about the reasons car accidents happen, as once they know about them they can learn to avoid them! With this in mind, here are the five top reasons car accidents occur. While it’s nice to use an auto body shop in South Salt Lake for your car maintenance, you want to know that you are keeping your car in the best possible shape, and for that to happen, you need to consider avoiding these top five reasons car accidents happen.

The Weather

Mother Nature is a fierce beast, and one of the top reasons for accidents to happen on the road is the weather. Rain causes hydroplaning, snow causes skidding and black ice can be fatal. Even the weather that doesn’t affect the tire relationship with the road – such as fog and bright sunshine that affects your vision – can be dangerous! Being aware of the weather conditions is important if you plan to go driving.


Even if your speed is normal, other people can go far too fast and that can cause massive accidents on the road. If you’re speeding, you can’t always avoid other cars, animals and issues on the road. More accidents happen with increased speed on the road, and that’s one of the biggest issues that requires a level of self-awareness. 


Even if you’re not speeding, your recklessness can cause issues on the road. Illegal turns, running stop signs and changing lanes without signaling can all cause accidents on the road. Obeying the traffic laws is vital to keeping you and others alive on the road.


Drink driving, driving under the influence of drugs or driving when you are too infirm to be allowed on the road can cause fatal accidents. Each of these things is illegal, and yet you’ll still see people on the road when they shouldn’t be!


There are a lot of things on the road and in the car that can cause distracted driving. From eating while driving to playing with the music on the radio, you will find that the statistics for driving distracted are high enough to avoid them as much as possible! Eyes should be on the road and the car should be relatively quiet to allow you to concentrate on the route you’re taking.

Car accidents happen for a number of reasons, and these five are the most popular around. You need to do what you can to avoid them so that you can ensure that you are smart about your actions while you drive.