How IT can help you prepare for natural disasters

Many natural disasters can wreak havoc on your life and your business, including earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, lightning strikes, wildfires, and more. Being prepared for a natural disaster within your company can mean that even in the worst scenario possible, you can still retain all the vital information you need to help you get up and running again smoothly.

Choose a reliable IT company.

You need to make sure that you have robust internal systems in place that are well managed and protected. Using an IT company that can work alongside you to put protections in place to protect your data and your business can mean that should your company be damaged by a natural disaster, your IT company can help you to get back up and running faster.


Always backup your data. No matter where your business is located, having a backup of all your important files in a secondary location can mean that you can retrieve everything you need to should systems be damaged or compromised due to a natural disaster. Ask your IT company to advise you on external backups to ensure continuity.

Create an emergency plan

Do you know exactly what will happen in the aftermath of an emergency event? An emergency plan is vital so both you and your employees know the potential implications for the company and what their next steps should be.

  • Create a contact who is in charge of arrangements in the face of a natural disaster, so people have a point of contact.
  • Will the business be able to operate with a reduced capacity, and if so, how?
  • Do you have emergency kits or supplies to protect your employees and your premises?
  • How will you be communicating with employees?
  • Do you have an evacuation plan should an emergency occur during the workday?
  • How will you communicate with clients?

This emergency plan can then be communicated to all employees via your internal systems and your IT company to be confident that you are protected in all eventualities.


Communication is key. In the first instance, when you receive a warning of a potential natural disaster, your IT company can help make sure that all of your emergency provisions are in place. They can talk you through what will happen in the event of damage or loss of equipment and data.

Look at establishing a way of communicating with employees and clients to reinforce the measures you have in place and what you expect to happen in the face of a natural disaster. Create an email address or emergency contact number to allow people to contact you easily and coordinate rescue efforts once it is safe to do so.

Being prepared for a natural disaster takes time and planning to ensure you are ready for anything Mother Nature can throw at you, regardless of how much warning you have. Ensure your employees are aware of your emergency plan and are confident in their abilities to follow guidance to stay safe per your emergency disaster plan.