Important Aspects of Retail Space Design

The retail industry has been going through hard times since the beginning of 2020, and this merely puts more pressure on the retailer to achieve the desired sales figures every month. If you are planning a store make-over, this a golden opportunity to transform your space to attract passers-by, and with that in mind, here are some important aspects to consider when revamping your retail store.

  • Choosing a Concept – If you have a concept in mind, the fitout contractor can work to your ideas, but failing that, the professional would be able to make a few design suggestions, plus you can Google image retail pace designs. It might be futuristic, with clean lines and lots of stainless steel and glass, or perhaps a rustic theme, with pine beams and hardwood décor, having a theme gives the space some direction.
  • Working to a Budget – When you talk to a leading contractor such as Express Fitouts, they would want to know your planned budget, as this will help them to make design suggestions, and make sure that any quotes you receive are all-inclusive. One must be realistic when thinking about retail fixtures and fittings, and if you want a stunning area, it will cost you.
  • Signage – If you are renovating the store, this would likely include the signage, and by consulting with an experienced commercial signage company, you can have some professional help with your signage design. Colour, size and font are all aspects to take into account when designing store signage, and let’s not forget the exterior signage, which is a major feature to attract passing shoppers.
  • Durability – It is pointless having a luxurious store interior if it won’t stand the test of time, and while you would change things around after 2-3 years, you do want your in-store ambience to last for that long. Quality materials in the answer, and the fitout contractor would probably make you aware of materials, giving you the option to have the best quality, or opt for something cheaper.
  • Lighting – The lighting is a critical component of creating the right in-store ambience, and with LED solutions, you have much more of a choice regarding light colours and hues. LED comes in strips that have adhesive backing, which does allow you to get creative with your in-store lighting. LED is also low-input, which helps keep your utility bills down, and consider some neon signage in your shop window, which is very eye-catching.
  • Showcasing Premier Products – This should always be at the forefront of your mind when designing a store layout, and with a few discounted goods at the entrance and those add-ons near the checkout, your prime products should be in a central location. Analyse customer behaviour to see if you can spot patterns, which could help with the new layout, and if you lack inspiration, take a walk around a nearby shopping mall to get a few design ideas.

Obviously, you want the biggest bang for your bucks and consulting with an established fitout company should help you to come up with the best design for your store.