Different types of door locks

Door locks are a common feature in most homes. They are used to secure the home and keep unwanted intruders out.

The different types of door locks include deadbolt, knob locks, keypad locks, sliding door locks and biometric locks. 

Deadbolts are designed to lock the door at all times and cannot be opened from the outside without a key. The deadbolt is attached to the inside of the door while a bolt slides into place on the other side of the door frame. When unlocked, this allows the bolt to slide back in such a way that it can’t be reopened from the outside unless you have a key. The deadbolt can be locked at any time by turning it 90 degrees clockwise with your hand or using an exterior lever or knob located near it.

The keypad door lock uses a passcode instead of a physical key, making it easier for residents to enter their homes without carrying keys around with them all day long. These locks also allow residents who are away from home for extended periods of time (such as business trips or vacations) to give out temporary codes so others can access their homes in case of emergency situations.

Keyed knob: Keyed knobs are installed on interior doors and function in much the same way as deadbolts do on exterior doors. They can be locked with a thumb turn or by turning the key in them. A keyed knob is often used on interior doors but not exterior ones because it can be easily broken open by an intruder using just their hands or feet if they really wanted to get inside quickly, whereas this would not be possible with a deadbolt lock.

Bolt locks – Bolt locks are typically used for residential applications. Locks with bolts embedded in the door frame require a key to lock or unlock from either side. This type of lock is best suited for doors that don’t need to be locked, such as sliding glass doors or patio doors.
Lever locks – Lever locks are generally used for residential applications as well but can also be found on some office doors. They consist of a lever handle with a thumb turn to unlock it from either side. They’re easy to use because they operate like an interior doorknob, so you don’t have to reach around with your hand to grab the handle and open the door — just turn it like you would if there was no lock at all!  You can read more here at our website.