Derecho al olvido

Will you help me if I sometimes forget?

1 in 5 people develop dementia. Every hour there are five new people with dementia in the Netherlands. This disease has a lot of impact on the person himself and his environment. There is a very good chance that you will also have to deal with dementia. Via a family member, a friend, a member of your sports club, a customer, a local resident. It can happen to anyone. And then? Do you know how to recognize dementia.

How can you lend a helping hand? A campaign will take place from 12 to 26 September to draw attention to this subject. This can be seen in Wert, Nederweert and Feudal and takes place in the context of World Alzheimer’s Day, which takes place on September 21. Punt Welkin provides this campaign in Wert and Nederweert.

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Don’t sideline people with dementia

People with dementia will increasingly need help from informal careers and other care providers. However, you can play a part in that too! As a retailer, organization or club. With customers or visitors. But also just in your environment, family or neighborhood. With an attentive look, a compassionate attitude and a helping hand.

You can ensure that people with dementia retain a place in our society. Do you notice that someone in your environment is confused and suddenly behaves differently? With a small gesture you help him or her get back on track and ensure that dementia is not a reason to be sidelined.

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Attention for dementia

The campaign will take place from 12 September to draw attention to a dementia-friendly society. Through this campaign, you, your friends, your family members, your colleagues and your club members are called upon to keep an eye on things. Do you meet someone who is confused? Who no longer knows the way home, who can no longer participate in volunteer work or who keeps forgetting his or her wallet? Reach out. Run an errand for your neighbor, help the other person to continue participating or take a walk home. A small effort for you, a big gesture for them!

In Wert and Nederweert, Punt Welkin offers activities, training and information for people with dementia, their carers and interested parties who want to learn what they can do for someone with dementia. From just a few reassuring words to signing up as a dementia buddy: everyone can contribute in their own way. After all, we all have to deal with people with dementia who forget something, so let’s not forget them!

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The campaign takes place in the context of World Alzheimer’s Day, which takes place on September 21. In addition to the campaign, various activities are taking place. “As a pupil, I became a member of SVS,” says the defensive midfielder. “I still remember my dream of one day becoming a professional football player. That didn’t work out in the end,” he laughs. “But SVS 1 was a good alternative. 

I still remember our B1 team. In it I played football with boys who, like me, later moved on to the selection: Stefan van der Steal, Yannick de Lely, Bas van Leeuwen, Jamie Velthaak and Thomas van Campenhout. After we were part of SVS 1 for a season, a good next batch also came through, with players such as Jeroen de Lely, Anthony Shoemaker, Joey Kai-shek and Nick Snyder. Many years later, many of them are still part of the SVS selection. I think that says something about the atmosphere here. We just feel at home with this association.”