Successful Presentation Tips For Entrepreneurs

If have recently started a new business, then you are probably overwhelmed with all of the new things you must learn. From raising money for your company to launching your e-commerce platform, you are inundated with all of the things you must do.

But if you want to be successful, you are going to need to learn how to create and deliver a great presentation. Not only will you need it for potential investors, but you will also need these skills when you are asked to speak at a conference. Here are some tips we gathered from some of the top speakers at

Craft Your Presentation

You as a speaker have to be aware of your own power and therefore craft your presentation carefully. Your body language, your stance, your smile help drive home your message. Do you love the topic you are speaking about? Passion will give your presentation that extra oomph. Passionate people are much more animated in their body movements, sometimes fiery eyes and fervent voice will make the difference for the audience. Are you making good use of the space you are speaking in?

PowerPoint Slides

If you are using PowerPoint slides the chances are that you give too much power to the slides. They are there to support your explanations, should be clear and crisp and only a few. Do not try to hide behind them; that is not how to make a presentation. Your audience will not remember thousands of slides even if they are artistic, cute or funny. They will remember your personal well told stories, a few expressive visuals and your enthusiasm and performance.

Spacing & Presence

Are you one of those speakers who have never thought of how to use space optimally? From now on you should practice your speech with the stage you will be on in mind. Ah, you do not know where you speak and how much space you have. Start wondering about these issues, it is very important. The fact is that the bigger the crowd, the bigger space you have to use for your performance. It is also true that the bigger the crowd, the more accentuated and bolder your movements should be.

Move On The Stage

Try not to stay in just one place the entire time as people can get bored easily. Because there is so much more you can show if you carefully stage your presentation. You can start on the left (left for your audience) side of the stage with the opening and progress to the right as your presentation progresses. The stage can successfully be used to show timelines in your speech. Middle is the present, left is the past and right side is the future.

According to, your space can be used as capsules; a specific space for stories, one for reality and one for hope, ideas, ideals. You can do the same for different situations or people you speak about. These ideas help you demonstrate your talk. You are able to move physically from story to story, or time to time and can point back to it to recall specific parts of your speech.

Of course, there are many more ways on how to make a presentation with physical movements. Stepping forward toward your audience or even in between them will connect you much better with them. The same is true for stepping back, it has the opposite effect, so think cautiously what effect your actions should and will have.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Audience

A word of caution, do not mix too many of these ideas into one presentation or you completely confuse your audience. Practice and think about your material, your personality and what you want to achieve with your presentation. How can you best display your material and make it easier for your audience to understand, be entertained and accept your points of view.

As you can see how to make a presentation is very easy; everybody is doing it in offices, boardrooms and auditoriums. Most if it is boring and uninspiring. Public speaking is a process, step by step we learn, practice and improve. One of these important steps is the staging, how can you show and present your material. Your audience wants to hear your message, they want to see it and also experience it.