Automation: Key To Delivering Consistent Customer Experience

As competition increases, customers have more product options to choose from. This means if you don’t provide them with an exceptional experience, they will go to your competitor.

So, companies are making active efforts to improve the customer experience they provide. And to achieve this, they turn towards automation.

Automation is the process of integrating software to automate various business activities. Also, automation allows you to save time by computerizing repetitive tasks such as social media posting and email marketing.  This way, you can retain customers even when they only spend 10-20 seconds browsing web pages.

Additionally, businesses that use automation see a 451% increase in qualified leads, which shows that a smooth user experience at all the touchpoints will drive more significant sales.

How Can Automation Enhance Customer Experience?

Like any other business practice, customers should be at the center of all your automation efforts. Knowing your audience will help you ascertain the software you should use, the content you should generate, and the activities you need to automate. It will also enable you to undertake automation best practices.

After developing an effective business strategy, you can leave the automated systems to nurture prospects with valuable, personalized content that converts them into loyal customers.

Following are 4 ways automation can improve customer experience:

Increase Engagement By Delivering Personalized Content

If you have many customers, it can be hard to customize content for each individual’s needs. How this can be alleviated by leveraging appropriate marketing automation software that can handle bespoke marketing messaging to your discerning customers.

An automatic mechanism will track which stage of the stage funnel your potential customer is in and send them email updates accordingly.

Eventually, personalized content will make your customers feel valued, resulting in higher customer engagement. So, whether you’re sending an email or a private message, tailoring it according to the customer will help you reap benefits.

Build Strong Relationships By Effectively Resolving Conflicts

An appropriate marketing automation software can also be combined with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.

This will help you generate priority-based tickets for customer complaints, which is important because customers value prompt replies and expect their complaints to be resolved on time. So, when you assign a priority number to each complaint, you’re able to monitor all issues and resolve them quickly.

Going digital will also allow you to store and track customers’ contact details, buying behavior, points of interaction, and purchases. Then, you can use this information to enhance the customer experience.

Improve Customer Retention Through Live Chats And Chat Boxes

After browsing your website, potential customers may seek answers to their queries before making a purchase. For example, users may be wondering when a sold-out item may be in stock, or they might want to confirm a specific shipping policy.

The sooner you provide answers to their questions, the earlier they will make the purchase. If you delay getting back to them, they might even abandon your website altogether and go to your competitor.

However, marketing automation software helps you set up a live chat function to communicate quickly with your customers. In fact, 62% of customers actually expect brands to have a live chat function. In addition, automation tools also analyze and monitor these chats to improve future processes.

Similarly, a chat box will enable you to solve conflicts effectively. For instance, if a customer has a complaint to make, you should make them feel heard. And a chat box will do just that. But please remember to also act on the feedback you receive so that you can retain customers.

Provide Effective Experience Through Real-Time Updates

Real-time updates throughout customers’ purchase journey lead to them feeling safe and confident about their purchase. For example, after placing the order, they wait for an email confirmation to put their minds at ease that the purchase has been made.

This is where automation software is vital; it will send updates to your customers about product availability, inventory details, and shipping details. 

This way, your customers will always remain informed, resulting in a worthwhile purchasing experience.

Summing Up

A positive customer experience is vital for businesses to gain a competitive edge. This is because happy customers become loyal brand advocates.

And to ensure that you deliver just that, you need marketing automation that enables you to build strong relationships with your customers. In addition, it helps you provide your customers with relevant updates, information and effectively solve their complaints. This is why 77% of marketers attribute higher conversions to automation.