National Police Association: Violent Riots in 2020 Resulted in 2,000 Injured Police Officers

In light of recent events stemming from intense rioting throughout various regions across the United States during 2020, an astonishing number (66%), according to a joint media polling between Rasmussen Report and National Police Association, found majority agreement among respondents with opinionated thoughts regarding whether there should be Congressional investigation into these concerns, so they may be remedied in the future.

The spokesperson for the National Police Association, Sgt. Betsy Branter Smith (Ret) said, “Many elected officials of both parties and at all levels followed up, not by apologizing to their citizens for failing to uphold the law, but by accusing police officers of systemic racism, requiring reform, reimagining and defunding.”

The mayors of America’s cities have to maintain order, and when they refuse, it lets the criminals know that their violent riots would not be put down with swift consequences.

The National Police Association calls for an investigation into the 574 riots to determine how such a complete failure can be prevented from happening again and outline what steps need to be taken to regain peace, safety, and justice.

What the Poll Reveals About Likely Voters’ Beliefs

The poll revealed that 66% of likely voters want Congress to investigate the violent riots that have erupted in 2020. 996 people participated in the survey conducted on 16-18 July 2021 by Rasmussen Reports and sponsored by National Police Association.

The survey also revealed what most people likely think about other significant issues facing this country:

  • Congress should award medals to law enforcement agencies that defended their cities from looters and rioters during the 2020s. Nancy Pelosi proposed awarding a medal to Capitol Police in anticipation of any future violence.
  • Congress should award medals to law enforcement agencies that defended their cities from violence in 2020.
  • A refusal to prosecute crimes such as trespassing, shoplifting, and disorderly conduct will result in an increase in these offenses.
  • Legislators who downplay the nationwide 2020 riots and looting deserve criticism.
  • President Biden and Vice President Harris should meet with the family of St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn, who was murdered in 2020, protecting his friend’s property from looters.
  • There should be more intensive training for the youth on what to do when confronted by authority figures, such as the police.
  • Supporters of law enforcement should display the U.S. Flag and the Thin Blue Line flags as symbols of support, patriotism, and love for what they do, even if those displays insult others who disagree with them.

The survey results indicate that voters think it’s essential for Congress to recognize those on the front lines defending U.S. citizens now.

The Rasmussen Reports just announced the release of a new poll that included demographic data. 

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