Rustic Vacations in North America: A Travel Trend for 2020

What really defines a rustic vacation? For some people it means an adventurous trip featuring ecotourism activities. For others, a rustic vacation is more of an exercise in unplugging and relaxation; think about resorts at remote locations where the architecture, interior design, amenities, and overall ambiance are so charming that you simply forget about checking smartphone notifications, streaming Netflix, or scrolling through Instagram.

In the past, rustic vacations in the Americas were mostly offered in destinations such as Belize, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Mexico; however, the United States and Canada have been catching up in this regard. Hospitality entrepreneurs realized that they can attract guests who may not wish to go through the process of getting their passports in order to enjoy a rustic vacation.

With the above in mind, the following travel recommendations conform to the new rustic vacation trend, which combines the bed & breakfast experience with rural tourism while adding a splash of luxury:

Utah, the Beehive State

In recent years, the hospitality industry in Utah has expanded to include rustic lodges where guests can enjoy spectacular views of the state’s otherworldly rock formations, red cliffs, and orange-tinged canyons. Some rustic resorts in Utah offer rooms that resemble cabins complete with porches overlooking the rocky deserts, but there are also green forest mountains, snowy peaks, and ski lodges to enjoy. Outdoor heated pools with fire pits have become highly sought-after by visitors.

Manitoba, Land of 100,000 Lakes

This Canadian province is mostly known for crude oil production, but its vast tourism potential should not be ignored. Smart travelers know that staying at a rustic resort in Manitoba is an experience worth planning for. The Interlake Region of Canada is known as “cabin country;” for many decades, the hospitality sector was limited to hunting and ice fishing lodges, but this has certainly changed in recent years. Modern rustic resorts offer activities such as boating, trail hikes, rural cuisine, and the opportunity to explore pristine nature.

The Hidden Florida Keys

Forget about Key West and the Jimmy Buffett song catalog; there are a few spots in the Florida Keys that not many people know about, but they are just begging to be discovered. In Big Pine Key, a relatively large island home to many nature preserves, you can find a couple of seaside lodges that can only be reached by boat. These are the kind of rustic lodges where you can sample delicious Caribbean recipes and enjoy cocktails right by the beach; moreover, you can explore mangrove islands by kayak.

The Mayan Riviera in Mexico

If you have had enough of the perpetually crowded all-inclusive resorts of Mexico, you need to take a trip to the Mayan Riviera and the Caribbean coastline, for this is where you will find upscale yoga retreats nestled between lush forests and sandy beaches. Of all the rustic vacation spots on this list, Mexico offers the most authentic experience because some of the luxury eco-lodges only offer a few hours of electricity and Wi-Fi service each day.