How Technology is Helping Australian Farmers

Every business sector is currently enjoying many benefits from innovative technology and that includes the Australian agriculture industry. Farming has always been a hard life, but thankfully, new technology is making things a lot easier and here are a few examples of how new technology is aiding Australian farmers.

Solar Powered Electric Fences

Farmers with a lot of land have difficulty setting up electric fences to keep livestock within defined boundaries and with electric fences from JVA, solar panels charge a special battery that keeps the fencing active round the clock. The system is independent and enables farmers to fence off large areas without the need for mains electricity and there are various sizes of energiser to ensure suitability.


The agricultural sector makes very good use of drones in numerous ways, which include:

  • Monitoring livestock – The farmer can deploy a drone to check their livestock. If animals are separated from the herd, the drone can be sent to find them, alerting the farmer to their location.
  • Fence inspection – Using a small drone with a HD camera, the farmer can closely inspect long sections of fencing, looking for damage that need to be repaired.
  • Searching for grazing – If the farmer is looking for a new section of grazing land. He can deploy a drone to cover a wide area and that saves a lot of time.
  • Crop Inspection – Drones with HD cameras can capture hi-res images and video to show the farmer the condition of the crops, alerting him if they need attention.

Automated Climate Control

The greenhouse can be controlled by computers, maintaining the right temperature and humidity and with solar panels in place, the system can run independently. The system is able to release water and nutrients according to preset controls and this means employees do not need to worry about maintaining the optimum environment and they can attend to other aspects of their work.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Powered by 5G, the IoT will provide a super-fast platform for farmers to better manage their online systems, which will benefit them in many ways. Many small holdings have a problem with a budget to hire employees and the IoT will enable many tasks to be fully automated, which means the farmer can be competitive. All types of farming will benefit from the IoT and developing technology that uses AI will further empower the Australian farming sector. Click here for Australian government information on the Internet of Things.

The future for farming across the world looks rosy, thanks to developing new technology, with crop and livestock management systems that are fully automated. Improved satellite reception will help farmers in very remote areas, where communication is notoriously unreliable and the Australian government is fully committed to supporting the agricultural sector in every possible way.

We have come a very long way in just 50 years and it is expected that emerging technology will continue to assist Australian farmers in many ways.