Steps For Filing Car Accident Lawsuit in Florida

Most car accident victims don’t seek immediate legal help even though it is often in their best interests. Sadly, most people are confused about where to start. The truth is that compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain & suffering prove to be extremely crucial for car injury victims. In states like Florida, which have ‘no fault’ insurance laws, injured drivers or occupants of the car must file a claim with the vehicle owner’s insurance company. However, sometimes these insurance policies are not enough. This is when a personal injury lawyer is needed most.

Since Florida follows the ‘no fault’ rule, victims of a car accident in Wesley Chapel can immediately seek medical help without establishing the fault of any party. However, drivers need to have knowledge about their insurance coverage and any additional riders that may affect their claim.

Here are some simple steps that you must follow before filing a car accident lawsuit in Florida:

Contact the Insurance Company

After the accident, you should immediately get in touch with your insurance company to cover your medical expenses. In case of a severe injury, the coverage may not be enough due to the high costs of healthcare. It may also be difficult to determine non-economic damages caused due to the accident. Moreover, to file for additional damages from the negligent party, you need professional legal help. An accident attorney can be your best guide after a car accident in Wesley Chapel.

Visit a Hospital

After the accident, seek medical attention without delay. Even if your injury does not initially appear serious and may not be visible, it may worsen later. A doctor is the best judge of your condition and will help to assess the severity of your injury. If your medical condition is not determined immediately, the negligent party may claim that you are also partially at fault. Under Florida law, this may reduce your compensation claim.

Obtain Information

The crash site has crucial evidence regarding the crash. Therefore, obtain as much information as possible. Take photographs from multiple angles. A few close-up shots and pictures depicting the entire accident scene can be helpful during the trial. If you have any eye-witness, remember to get their statements recorded. If you are unable to do it on your own, let your lawyer do it. Collect as much evidence as possible to frame a strong case.

File an Insurance Claim

The claims process must begin with the filing of a first-party auto insurance claim through the car owner’s vehicle insurance company. In most cases, victims are eligible for personal injury protection (PIP) insurance which covers the initial medical bills and other expenses. However, in the case of severe injuries, it may not be sufficient.

Car Accident Lawsuit

In states like Florida, to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party, you need to prove a serious injury. This is where an experienced accident lawyer can be extremely useful. With mounds of paperwork and statute of limitations governing your lawsuit, you may not be able to claim sufficient compensation on your own. In Florida, cases can be filed within 4 years of the date of the accident. So, get in touch with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible after an accident.