From Meh to Meaningful: Randi Braun Unpacks the Concept of Low Work Libido and Offers Strategies for Women to Rekindle Their Passion in the Workplace 

Low work libido? Is that even a thing? It sounds like a bad excuse to skip out on work! But don’t be fooled by the funny-sounding name. It’s a real issue that affects many women in the workplace.  

In fact, Randi Braun, the author of Something Major: The New Playbook for Women at Work, has a lot to say about low work libido and how women can overcome it. So, let’s dive into the world of low work libido and see what it’s all about! 

Q: You talk about low work libido in your book, describe what that is. You know that feeling when you’re just… not in the mood? When it used to be passionate and exciting and now it’s just… not? Too many women are feeling that at work: they’ve checked all the boxes and done everything “right” and all they have to show for it is a case of low work libido.  

Q: Why are women not happy at work nowadays? 

Just take a moment and look at the data: we go to work in a world not designed for our success, where we’re paid less than men, less likely to ever achieve the highest levels of leadership and where the demands are unending in our always-connected-world. The fact that we do such great work (and have gotten this far) is a testament to many women’s resilience, talent, and commitment to excellence.  

Q: How can women feel invigorated at work?  

Women cannot feel invigorated at work until they learn how to play the game by their own rules, and that’s what The New Playbook is all about. Every woman I’ve met or coached has a different lived experience and set of goals, but they are all longing for the same thing: a worklife where they can crush it at work and not feel crushed in the process. Too many of us have figured out the first part, but not that second one.  

Q: Advice for women who want to move up in a leadership role at work? 

A few things come to mind here. One thing is that you absolutely, positively must own your message. If you’re constantly emailing back with a “Sorry for the delay!” when it’s been 15 minutes since the email came in or prefacing an idea in the meeting with “You probably already thought of this but…” you aren’t exactly screaming “leadership material.”  

In my book I talk about 16 things I forbid women to say at work that constantly undermine us. People pick up what you put down, which is why our words matter–so use them wisely.  

Next Steps If You Have Low Work Libido 

Low work libido is a real issue that affects many women in the workforce, but it’s not a permanent state. With the right strategies and mindset, women can rekindle their passion for their work and find greater meaning and purpose in their careers.  

Through her book and coaching services, Randi Braun offers practical advice and guidance to help women overcome this challenge and achieve their full potential. If you’re struggling with low work libido or seeking to create a more fulfilling career, be sure to check out Randi Braun’s book, Something Major: The New Playbook for Women at Work, and visit her website at for more information on how to thrive in the workplace.