How Technology is Changing Motoring: Future Solutions

We all know about the Internet of Things (IoT), which is a high-speed network that connects all digital devices with artificial intelligence (AI), while driverless vehicles are already emerging and we are only a few years away from completely automated transportation. You might be wondering if that means you can no longer floor it in your V8 supercar – this is unclear at this stage – but we are moving towards vehicle automation, which does have many benefits.

Traffic Grids AI Managed

Imagine you are on your way home, admiring the scenery when the car suddenly informs you of a slight detour to fit new tyres from Tyres Discount Brisbane, which is already 3 days overdue. The car will also tell you the exact duration of the journey, down the one tenth of a second and will even relay the air temperature and weather, in advance, of course.

Zero Accidents

This is the bold claim from AI specialists; simply put, the management system would not permit vehicles to be closer than a preset limit; each vehicle has multiple sensors and is, of course, connected to the IoT. It will take time for people to trust automated vehicles, which is perfectly understandable, but as time passes and there are no accidents reported anywhere, we will eventually hand over control to the AI management system. While on the topic of accidents, click here for information on choosing the best auto insurance provider.

Electric Vehicles

The downside is we have to say goodbye to those roaring V8 internal combustion engines with the beautiful growl, to be replaced by low-torque motors that can get you to 100kph in a couple of seconds and they are silent, apart from the slight transmission whine. If you have yet to get behind the wheel of an EV, that’s something to change in the very near future and the planet will benefit greatly when we stop drilling for oil.

Auto Support Sectors

While we are talking a few years, there will come the day when internal combustion engines are outlawed and the huge auto repair industry will move over to electric vehicle servicing and maintenance, which will be required. Tyres, brakes, steering and other systems still need to be maintained, even if the vehicle is automated, so these sectors will not be affected and if there are no collisions, we won’t be needing the car body repair shop.

Free Up Valuable Resources

You will only see the police on the roads when they are on the way to do something, there won’t be patrols, as they have every inch covered with HD cameras and monitored by AI. If the police no longer have to patrol the roads, this will free up a lot of resources that can be utilised in other ways, while there will be no more traffic tickets to pay, as you couldn’t speed, even if you wanted to and AI won’t ever double park, or indeed break any road traffic regulation.

The future of motoring is far removed from what we have today and hopefully, there will no longer be vehicle accidents and we will all get to where we want to go safely.