What Customers Look for in a Business

Some of the main factors that customers look for in a brand include: 

  • Reliability 
  • Customer experience/satisfaction 
  • Clarity in communication
  • Turnaround times 

Dozens of factors can influence a customer’s purchasing decision. One of the biggest factors is the customer’s reception of the business. Amazingly, virtually all customers look for certain common traits in the ideal business. These include: 

  1. Fast Turnaround 

People are becoming increasingly impatient, and they don’t want to wait to get what they want. For example, the average customer expects their orders to be delivered within 24 hours – and delivery times have a big impact on customer satisfaction. As such, it is important to be quick in serving your customers for a fast turnaround. 

  1. Reliability 

Your customers count on you to meet their needs and preferences without hesitation. For example, they expect to get unhindered access to their rented self-storage facility – not to beg to access their personal possessions. They will be frustrated if you prove unreliable – and they can always find someone else to fill the gap. As such, be reliable to exceed your customers’ expectations – don’t give them a reason to go looking elsewhere. 

  1. Great Communication 

Clear communication is important in every form of interaction. It is especially important for a business hoping to sway a potential customer’s purchasing decision. For example, your customers need to know how much they will pay for your products/services upfront. As such, practice clarity and openness in your communications – and live up to your words. 

  1. Realistic Expectations 

Every business promises to offer the best products/services – better than the competition. However, not all businesses live up to this promise. What’s more, some businesses make ambitious (bordering on unrealistic) expectations in a bid to lure in more customers. They end up disappointing their customers, consequently losing them. 

  1. Friendly Service 

No one wants to buy from a brand that is rude to its customers – they will also make sure to let everyone know about it on platforms such as Yelp. Everyone wants to feel appreciated, especially considering that they are paying for the products/services. To this end, service delivery has a big impact on customer experience, and customer satisfaction hinges on friendly service delivery

  1. Organization 

Flawless organization skills are essential for achieving the other values discussed here, including reliability, clear communication, fast turnaround, and offering friendly services. For example, it is difficult to deliver orders on time if the sales department is disorganized. It is also impossible to run the business smoothly if the books are disorganized and the operations process is not clear. 

  1. Results 

Your customers come to your business seeking effective solutions for their needs. It is their primary motivation for shopping in the first place – the other factors only influence where they shop. To this end, they will not have a reason to shop with you if you cannot deliver results – and better results than the competition. 

Final Thoughts 

Customers are very particular about where they shop, and their purchasing decision depends on many factors. These seven factors are especially influential in the customer’s purchasing decision, and they are considered ideal virtues for any business.