How New Zealand Alleviates Pressure of Maintaining Technology Infrastructure

Technology has changed the world in many ways, but it also holds great potential for the future. When we talk about technology, we usually think about how it changes our lives and how we interact with the world around us. However, technology is not just an individual experience, it can affect society and be a great tool to connect people within a network. 

You can see this in IT infrastructure which has been rapidly changing in recent decades due to technological advancements such as cloud computing and virtualization. These technologies have enabled companies to invest in IT infrastructure much faster than before since they can already scale up when needed without having to worry about upfront capital investment or maintenance.

An example of this can be seen in New Zealand’s managed network infrastructure within their schools. 

How New Zealand Alleviates Pressure of Maintaining Technology Infrastructure in their Schools 

Since 2013 New Zealand’s Ministry of Education has been working with their Network for Learning to deliver good network services for their schools under a new program called Te Mama Tuhono. This program has resulted in an interconnected network between schools with over 825,000 students and teachers across New Zealand using it every day.  

Te Mama Tuhono, which is set to end in 2024, is the single largest distributed and managed network on the continent and is projected to have more than 860,000 users towards its end. Due to its accessibility, teachers can use N4L’s services, giving them access to the school’s internet. 

Due to the reliability of the service and the fact that issues can be troubleshot remotely, it alleviates pressures that teachers might face maintaining their infrastructure and focus their attention on student learning.

How Can the USA Potentially Adopt Some of New Zealand’s Practices?

In some cases, New Zealand’s managed network practices would be a good fit for the USA since the country has had such a large hand in developing technology throughout the years. The USA is currently underperforming in critical infrastructure areas. These infrastructure areas include IT and network infrastructure.

With NZ’s managed network practices, US companies and schools could use managed network infrastructures to enjoy the benefits of boosted productivity, efficiency, and improved security, which can protect businesses and schools from external online threats. 

Find an IT company That Can Help You Make a Difference and be More Efficient

To maintain a good technological infrastructure, an IT company can help make a difference to your network infrastructure and improve efficiency by providing you with efficient IT services. Furthermore, they can provide you with their expertise by creating solutions that will optimize the performance of your systems without compromising on security or performance.

This will relieve any pressure of maintaining your network infrastructure so you can focus on ensuring that your business, employees, and operations are working effectively, in a similar way that a managed network was able to provide New Zealand’s education sector with the freedom it needs to ensure that students needs are put first, and teachers don’t have to worry about the tools they need to perform their jobs to the best of their ability.