Breaking Habits: How to Remind Yourself Not To Text and Drive

Teens are not the only ones who are suffering from this problem anymore! Whatever the reason for texting while driving, one thing remains the same: it is extremely dangerous. You or someone else could end up killing themselves or getting severely injured if you dare to text while driving.

In addition to texting while driving, driving while distracted is another name for it.  Distracted driving is when you are putting on makeup, eating, walking around the house, texting, messing with the stereo system, or talking loudly on the phone while you are driving. You can even get distracted when using a GPS device.

All of this can lead to you being in a car accident. When you find yourself in an accident, because someone else was texting and driving, call a lawyer. Below you will find some tips to help remind you to not text and drive:

Tips For Not Texting and Driving 

Turn the Phone On Silent and Keep Vibrate Off

If it fails to stop vibrating or ringing while you are driving, you should turn off the volume and vibration of your phone completely. Temptation is impossible without hearing.

Out Of Sight Out of Mind

Some hardcore texters may not be satisfied with just turning off the vibrate and volume features. The temptation to grab the phone “just in case” someone texted them still exists. Avoiding contact with the phone and keeping it out of sight can solve this problem. Put your purse in the back of the car, out of reach. If you’re a perpetual texter, keep your phone in your trunk or purse. In that case, you won’t bother trying.

If It’s Important Pull Over 

You might want to pull over safely, send a text or answer the phone after you’ve pulled off the road if you need to send a message or answer a call so urgently. Finding a safe spot to pull over is not difficult. It’s not important enough to risk your life by messing with your phone while driving if it’s not important enough to pull over and stop your vehicle properly. 

If you know that you have an important message due to arrive that will not be able to wait, there is no harm in finding a safe place to pull over and deal with it. 

Leave Yourself Sticky Notes 

This may seem a little silly, however, having a reminder in plain sight when you have a bad habit can help your mind to remember that you shouldn’t be doing something that is bad for you. A simple note next to your keys saying ‘ Don’t text and drive’ or ‘ Put your phone in the boot’ could be a lifesaver. 

As you can see there are many ways that you can remind yourself and prevent texting and driving. When looking at deaths that are linked to cell phone usage while driving it can be scary: 

  • Every year, 1.6 million crashes are caused by cell phone use while driving, according to the National Safety Council.
  • Each year, texting while driving causes almost 390,000 injuries.
  • In the United States, one out of every four car accidents is caused by texting and driving.
  • There are 6 times more accidents caused by texting while driving than by drinking and driving.
  • You are distracted for about five seconds when you answer a text. If you travel 55 mph, that will allow you to cover the distance of a football field.
  • The time spent looking away from the road increases 400 percent when texting while driving.
  • The most dangerous cell phone activity is texting.
  • Ninety-four percent of drivers favor banning texting while driving.
  • Cell phone use by drivers should be banned in 74 percent of cases.