How Unroll.Me Is Changing The History Of Email

The history of email is hotly disputed by those who place the arrival of this form of communication in 1965 and others who follow Ray Tomlinson’s developments of 1971. The initial use of electronic mail, as it used to be called, was to deliver messages via an internal network. Ray Tomlinson is known for being the man who gave the world the use of the @ symbol as a way of signifying the address of the intended recipient of a message. As internet and email spam has become a major problem, the use of filter software, such as Unroll.Me has become a much-needed aspect of the development of email.

The development of email

No matter which camp you stand in regarding the development of email, the first electronic messages were sent in the late 1960s on the computers of MIT. The use of electronic messages began at the prestigious college with the ability of computer users in 1965 to leave messages for their colleagues on the MIT network. The U.S. Military played a huge role in the development of email with messages sent electronically through its ARPANET software. 

In 1971, Ray Tomlinson developed the use of @ as the symbol for creating addresses for email messages sent around the world, largely to different academic institutions. By the early 1990s, the arrival of AOL and other Internet Service Providers led to a growth in the development of email and the marketing messages we have all struggled to control ever since. By 2019, over four billion email accounts were active across the world giving advertisers and spam producers many options for sliding into your inbox.

New technology is changing things

In 2011, entrepreneurs, Jojo Hedaya, and Josh Rosenwald hit upon a new way of handling unwanted emails arriving in your email inbox. The app has been designed to bring all your emails into one easy area where they are scanned with spam emails from marketers pushed out of your inbox. The developers of Unroll.Me are hoping the work they are completing will help to eliminate the majority of spam as its effectiveness will be even more limited.

Over the course of our lives Online we often sign up for subscription emails from a range of groups which are often ignored. Unroll.Me has been designed to bring together all those subscription emails and tidy your inbox instantly. You will then be placed in control of your inbox because you are given the chance to explore the options open to you as you unsubscribe from various subscription services. The “Rollup” is another option from this service which places information from all your subscription services onto a single message giving you the ability to read more or simply ignore those that do not interest you.