Preparations for a Majestic Grand Wedding

It is always a dream for most women to have a royal look on her own wedding day. This has always been associated with fairytale stories, wherein, the characters are always wearing puffy dresses and at the end of the story will be a wedding, with the quote, “…and they lived happily ever after.”

To make it happen, here are some tips on the things that needs to be prepared to get that majestic look.

  1. Wedding Dress – You can choose a ball gown style wedding dress or an A-line style wedding dress. These styles are tight in the upper part of the body and flowy from the waist downwards. The difference between the two is the puffiness. Ball gown wedding dresses are too puffy and sometimes may need to wear a petticoat within. As for A-line dresses, it is close to a ball gown dress, which is also fitted at the waist part then naturally flows down.

In addition to the style, you can choose a dress made of satin or lace. Lace fabric is a very decent embellishment that gives elegance and sophistication to any dress. These fabrics may be the recommended ones meanwhile you can still choose according to the fabric that you wanted and according to the season as the mentioned fabrics may not be that comfortable for you. There are a lot more fabrics to choose from such as organza, chiffon, velvet, taffeta, charmeuse and others.

White or ivory are the top colors for a wedding dress too. Meanwhile, if you are having the dress custom made then you can add a colored piece to the design. Usually, the colored piece of cloth added to the white dress would have the same color as the wedding theme color.

It might not also be enough that the dress is just a floor length dress. You will also consider having a perfect royal train or a cathedral train.

  • Accessories – There are a lot of accessories you may need to prepare. These may be too small articles however as a bride, you will also need to prepare the perfect and suitable ones that will go well with the fabulous wedding dress.
  • Headpiece – These will refer to either a wedding veil, wedding tiara or a fascinator. If we go back to Kate Middleton’s wedding, she chose to have a wedding veil and a tiara for her headpiece, likewise with Meghan Markle, whilst Princess Eugene’s photos only show that she chose to wear a tiara on her wedding. Having said so, as a bride, who is dreaming to have that royal look, you can choose just a tiara or both tiara and a veil, for so long they go well with your wedding dress.
  • Jewelries – This will include a pair of earrings, necklace and bracelet meanwhile if the dress is fully embellished, you can simply just wear a pair of earrings that goes well with the tiara.
  • Wedding Flowers – Your bouquet is also a very important accessory on your wedding. Holding a wedding bouquet on your wedding is believed to be a symbol of new beginning, fidelity and fertility. Daily pick flowers in Singapore make a great gift for any occasion.
  • Wedding Shoes – You will need to wear a pair of comfortable pair of bridal shoes. If your wedding dress has some lace on it, you may also wear wedding shoes that are made from lace. The shoes may not be showing when you are walking down the aisle meanwhile there will be times you may need to raise the skirt of your dress to be able to walk comfortably and avoid tripping; hence it will still be advisable that the shoes will match the wedding dress.
  • Petticoat – Petticoats are worn underneath and this is actually optional. Most brides however prefer to wear petticoats.
  • Shapewear – If you are someone who is so conscious about how you look with the wedding dress, you might choose to wear a shapewear to shape your upper part of the body. The shapewear will serve as additional support whilst giving you a slimmer appearance. Meanwhile, if you are confident enough without it, then it would be even greater.
  • Floor Runner or Carpet – To complete the royal look, you should not miss having the red carpet on the aisle, along with the lovely wedding flowers and sparkling decors on the aisle sides.

Conclusion: The above are some tips to have a royal like wedding meanwhile you can still add more to the list depending on the wedding venue, weather and some other factors.

For instance, if a summer wedding fixed for the outdoors, you may need to provide hand fans for your guests, and not just any hand fan but those Custom Hand Fans with dandy designs to reinforce your chosen theme.

As a bride, always wear your best and contagious smile whilst you march down the aisle. You will definitely turn the heads of your guests and even make your groom cry for tears of joy.