8 Solid Tips for Choosing Exterior Signage for a Company

Many variables go into the design and manufacture of your company’s outside signage. Custom signage has to pull a lot of weight for a business. However, here are a few tips, in no particular order, for choosing exterior signage for your company that does what you want it to do and aligns with the goals of your business.

1. Keep your Prospective Audience in Mind

Remain cognizant of your prospective audience. Who is your sign for? Your exterior signage can serve multiple purposes or multiple types of people, but it’s a good idea to keep your core prospects in mind.

2. Strive to Do More with Less

Someone briskly walking or driving by will only dedicate a moment to a sign, and in that moment, your sign should say everything it needs to say. To that end, it’s a good idea to use fewer words and more space when possible. Keep things simple.

3. Work With Contrasting Colors

Seek a design that offers contrasts, such as light lettering on a dark background. Of course, you’ll want to utilize your brand’s color palette when possible, and you should. Look at the colors and tones that speak to your business, and find good contrasts for them in your signage.

4. Consider Readability Most Important

Pay close attention to your font choices, sizes, and letter spacing. The ideal solution when it comes to readability will depend on what you want to accomplish with your signage. A billboard will have radically different font considerations than something like a monument sign.

5. Choose Materials Suitable for Outside

Signage can consist of several materials. Make sure you only consider materials that work well with the day, night, and even seasonal climate where you will have the sign. Look for durable materials, and consider materials that come with waterproofing or other features that help with weather conditions.

6. Location Matters

The location holds a great deal of importance. However, location isn’t just where you place your company’s signage, it’s how you place it as well. Do you want it at eye height for pedestrians? Would you like it placed where people driving by can have the best look at it? These are things to consider that come along with location.

7. Let Your Brand’s Voice Shine

Your exterior signage should absolutely reflect the tone of your brand. If you have a formal business, then choose a formal look for your signage. If your business is all about fun, your signage can, and should, reflect that. You can make it happen while keeping things legible, clear, and suitable for your exterior signage.

8. Work With a Professional and Modern Service

If you want commercial signage that works for your business and its goals, then you need to speak with a modern, professional service with experience fabricating signage for your type of business. In this way, you gain the expertise of a service that knows how to bring your signage idea to life in a way that will best serve your company.

Exterior signage, whether it’s a storefront, billboard, or fully lit digital installation, all starts with professional design and installation. If you want signage that speaks for your company the right way, these tips will help you make it happen.