Women’s Relay Competition

In today’s world there is no room for old myths and prejudices, especially those that tend to keep women back, that prevent them from fulfilling their full potential in any field they wish to pursue their interests in. This is especially true when it comes to the virtue, or perhaps the vice, of competition. In olden days it was often said that women were not meant to be competitive in anything — that they, sweet little things, should stay at home, bake the pies, raise the babies, tidy up the living room, and keep the well water sweet with their magic herbs and spices. Not for them, bless their hearts, the fierce competitive world of men — where dog eats dog, and only the tough survive. A competitive woman was something unseemly, unhealthy, and probably undersexed. And so the myth grew until it became a strangling vine that killed so much female initiative that it wasn’t until this century that a woman could even be considered as a possible candidate for public office.