Music is Passion

If you are passionate about music you know that there is nothing else like it for beauty, harmony, peacefulness, and compound interest at a semi-annual rate. The fact of the matter is that music is so essential to mankind that we have never been without it. The ancient Maya had music; the Mesopotamians and Egyptians had it; the Romans and Greeks doted on it; the Chinese emperors, all the way back to Ying and Yang, Ching and Chang, and Frick and Frack, commanded that there be music in their courts day and night; and modern man is no different — the radio plays music; the television spouts it constantly; live music venues, from grand opera to barn dances, keep our toes tapping and our throats humming. This universal desire and obsession with music can mean only one thing — we are destined to one day touch a high note so ethereal that we’ll never come back to earth, but instead float away into the cosmos and await the Big Bang all over again — only this time it will be a Big Bang on a bass drum, or perhaps a glockenspiel. Such is the belief of all those who worship at the shrine of music — or like to play table tennis in their window sashes alone.