Why Networking on Social Media 15 Minutes a Day Can Pay Off Big

Think of how much time you currently spend on social media. It’s probably fairly significant, right? That is nothing to be worried about, because it’s how the world communicates these days.

But, rather than just looking at memes and sharing funny videos, why not take advantage of your social media reach and use it to network? Even if you just spend 15 minutes a day focused on networking and personal relationship building, it can have a massive impact on your business.

It Can Lead to Valuable Business Introductions and Connections

You can often see your friends connections, and often times there are people with similar interests that you share a mutual connection with. Simply asking for an introduction is a great way to make new contacts that have the potential to turn into solid business connections and resources down the line.

“You never know who you are going to meet on social media, which is why it’s important to always conduct yourself professionally, even on Facebook,” suggests the owner of National Pool Fences. This is a solid piece of advice, as a rude or offensive “look” can offend and turn off a potential contact.

It Can Drive Business Interest and Sales

Networking on social media is going to put your profile in front of a large audience. These people will then often read your bio and look at things like where you work and what you do.

This is a great opportunity to write an interesting bio as well as include a link to your website. You never know who is out there — someone might come in contact with your profile that has a need that your product or service solves. From a local service business that allows consumers to search for contractors to a local bar or pizza restaurant — social media can connect customers and businesses.

It Can Open the Doors to New Opportunities

While networking you never know who you will run into, and you even have the chance of connecting with someone that owns a business that has an open role that is a perfect fit for your skillset.

“A simple friendly conversation about sports can then translate into a business opportunity,” says Henk Schipper of Jaloezieen Fabriek. Also, you might uncover partnership or co-marketing opportunities just by being pleasant and dedicating 15 minutes a day to social networking.

Facebook is a great platform for a more informal approach, while LinkedIn, of course, is a much more business focused platform.

It Can Help Find Key Team Members

Do you have a position you need to fill? Looking for a freelancer with a certain skill? Maybe a recommendation for a marketing agency? Social media networking can connect you with other business owners that can help you fill positions or suggest vendors.

“Networking with others in groups related to your interests can also introduce you to a potential team member or future business partner,” offers Tony Rush of custom sub box company HiFi Sound Connection.

A little “we are hiring” or “looking for a freelance graphic designer” update in your bio can result in a flood of inbound job applicants and inquiries. Social media is a gateway to contacts and people all over the world. Take full advantage of it by just spending a few minutes each day in networking mode.