Where and When to Find a Quality Bedroom Chest for Sale

Is your bedroom chest falling apart? Many people do not realize how important drawer design is to the life span of the chest. It is a lesson that you learn when you buy your first chest of drawers. Getting the cheapest drawer storage on the shelf saves you immediately, but in the long run, you’ll spend far more replacing these flimsy options.

You should really get a higher quality chest whose drawers are made of a sturdy solid piece of wood. The slats should be at least a quarter-inch thick, and they should be connected with a reinforced tongue in groove construction.

Such chests might seem out of your price range, but there are several ways that you can save when you need a quality bedroom chest. Here are your best options and when to shop.

Clearance bedroom chest sales

Both online and brick and mortar furniture stores will have clearance sales as new furniture collections hit the showrooms. Your local furniture store might have the cheapest chests at this time because they desperately need to free up the space in their warehouses and showrooms to make room for the new product.

The other problem with local clearance furniture sales is that you must wait around for them to hit. If you don’t want to wait around for the right season or month, turn to online clearance catalogs. The clearance section will hold items year-round, and the prices will be marked down again and again until they have been sold.

By contrast, online furniture stores will have a bedroom chest for sale (check prices) in a clearance catalog year-round. Online retailers have access to larger warehouses with more product storage. That means they can keep marking down items again and again until you get the lowest, rock bottom price that they are willing to let go for.

Shop online for overall savings

Shopping the clearance department of an online furniture store isn’t the only way that you can get a great deal on a higher quality chest of drawers. When you shop online you are more likely to get free shipping to your door. Some furniture stores even provide the same white-glove service as your local furniture store by making use of local service providers.

Even though most online retailers have minimum purchase requirements to qualify for free shipping, getting an entire bedroom set or a more expensive solid wood chest of drawers should meet those requirements. You may also be able to get financing for your chest of drawers depending on how expensive it is after the discounts.

Keep an eye out for additional opportunities for saving on your bedroom chest

There are other opportunities throughout the year that give you the chance to get a more durable chest for a reasonably low price. Back to school time is a great time to shop for new furniture, because parents who are sending their kids off to college are needing to redesign their bedroom into an environment habitable by adults rather than teens. Keep an eye on your favorite furniture retailers for other chances to save.