What You Need to Backup Your Data, and How to Recover When It’s Too Late

Employee mistakes, technical glitches, cybersecurity failures, and natural disasters can lead to catastrophic data losses for your organization. Without an advanced security program, the results can be devastating. That is why your business needs a disaster recovery plan, and that is where data backup becomes a crucial part of securing your networks and systems. 

What is more concerning is the fact that creating and maintaining data backups can be overwhelming to new users. However, there are more affordable solutions.

Backups are a strategy. As much as it may seem complex at first, these systems are much easier to create and manage. You only need to start the backup solution and watch it do the rest. 

Back Up Your Data Before it’s Too Late

According to Geoffrey Fowler from the Wall Street Journal, there are two hard drive types; the ones that are about to fail and the ones that will fail in the long run. 

However, 30% of businesses still do not have reliable backup solutions. Understand, the process is a bit complex. But it is currently much easier, especially if you have the best cloud service provider. Here are the four options for your business backup solutions. 

External Hard Drive

You can back up your business data to an external hard drive. The good news is that there are up to 6TB with PC and Mac compatibility. The advantage of backing up your data to an external hard drive is that you have the data outside your computer. Additionally, you can access the information at any time without safety concerns. 

Back Up to a Thumb Drive 

Thumb drives, also called USB drives, are another backup option for small businesses. This option is more portable since USB drives are more compact. Additionally, this is one of the cheapest options. 

Cloud Services

Cloud services can also offer risk management and disaster recovery plans that include data backup. There are many companies that provide these services. Accordingly, Google also provides this solution. 

Cloud services are much easier, automatic, and accessible. Accordingly, it allows your business to save storage space since most data is stored remotely. 

Back Up Whatever You Have 

If you want to back up every bit of information about your business, you can do it through different platforms and services. However, such services may take longer to conceptualize and complete. They might also be costly, though worth it. IT companies that provide backup recovery can help you with this option. 

Train Your Employees on How to Avoid Disasters

As suggested earlier, cybersecurity issues may arise from employee negligence. Since employees are the first people to access company information, it is crucial to ensure they understand security protocols.

Employee training is crucial to ensure data safety. For instance, you might want to ensure your employees have stronger passwords. Accordingly, you should monitor employee activities to ensure they do not log into sites that may put the security of your business data at risk. 

So which solution do you choose? The best solution is to ensure all your bases are covered. The 3:2:1 rule may be very helpful in this process. And remember to update your data as you update your backups.