What Are The Different Tools Used to Hold Cabinets Up?

Cabinets not only add a lot more storage to a kitchen, but they are great for adding that extra “oomph” to make the kitchen look less bare and more visually appealing. There is a large variety in kitchen cabinets, and they can all come in different materials as well. Many people will opt to have their kitchen cabinets to match their counters or their kitchen island. Cabinet installation can be a high-quality DIY if done correctly. There are plenty of tools that are often needed when it comes to upgrading your kitchen like this.  There are even some tools that you won’t even need such as your saw. It’s best to know what ways you can hang a cabinet before proceeding with this big DIY kitchen project.

1.Drill and Drill Bits

A drill and drill bits may seem very obvious, but they are absolutely needed during the entire process of installing kitchen cabinets. It’s actually going to be the screws that hold the cabinets up to the wall. So a good drill and some strong screws are absolutely going to be necessary. A screw diver could also be very handy for those hard-to-reach areas and crannies that a standard drill is not going to be able to reach.


There are a large variety of clamps that will be needed during the installation process. Clamps are going to be the tool that will replace your hands so you can do a lot of other work in this DIY. Clamps are going to hold down the material while you are performing the installation on it as well as doing the measuring and cutting.  There are many clamps such as for frame and frameless cabinets.

3.Cabinet Hardware Jig

When it comes to following modern kitchen trends, you can’t miss out on using a jig. This is one of the essentials for holding up a cabinet in the kitchen during the installation process. It especially is used for cutting intricate shapes and compounds into the cabinet board. This will leave you with having a gorgeous cabinet (or drawer) design that is far from looking flat or boring.

4.Cabinet Jack

One of the major tools that are needed during a DIY cabinet installation will be a cabinet jack. Not unless you or a friend plans on holding up the cabinets the entire time, you’re going to need a reliable tool to do the dirty work instead. This cabinet jack will hold the cabinets in places, this makes cabinet installation so much easier to the point where it can be a one-person job.

5.Cabinet Wedge

Cabinet wedges are a tool that is mainly used by professionals. This tool is an air-powered website that helps with the small task during cabinet installation such as leveling the cabinet base so it won’t be crooked. A cabinet wedge is very handy when your floor or walls are uneven. So this is bound to make the job so much easier for you. This is excellent for bulky cabinets especially!