Typical Cyber Attacks On The East Coast

The number of cyber attacks against businesses in the US has been growing. Among these victims include many companies based on the East Coast. 

Some East Coast states have a particularly high rate of cyberattacks. In fact, New Jersey, Florida and Virginia were all ranked in the top 15 states most at risk for cyberattacks

Cyberattacks can come in many forms. This post details a few of the most common forms of cyberattack faced by East Coast companies.


Malware is a term for any type of ‘malicious software’. Cybercriminals typically use malware to extort money or information from businesses. Such programs may pose as legitimate software, while in fact stealing sensitive data. In other cases, software may infect your data with a virus and demand a ransom (this malware is typically known as ‘ransomware’).

Malware can find its way onto a company system through various means. Often it’s the result of clicking on a dodgy link in an email, downloading an unreliable app or visiting an insecure website. Companies small and large are targeted by malware (one of the biggest recent East Coast incidents being this ransomware attack on The Colonial Pipeline).


Phishing occurs when a cybercriminal tricks a victim into handing over sensitive information (such as passwords or personal details) usually by fraudulently posing as a trusted company or organization. 

Phishing is typically carried out via email. While some phishing emails can be fairly obvious, others can be very convincing and may contain official logos and links leading to websites that look genuine. This can lead many companies to get caught out. Phishing emails may also contain malware.

Password Attacks

When a cybercriminal steals your password, this is known as a password attack. The goal may be to sell your password onto hackers or gain access themselves.  

There are various ways in which a cybercriminal can steal a password. They may use malware (such as a keylogger) or phishing techniques. In other cases, they may simply attempt to guess your password using brute force password attack tactics


A hacker is someone who attempts to break into a computer system. In the case of cybercriminals, this is usually to steal data or steal money.

Hackers may use combinations of malware, phishing and password attacks in order to break in. They may also attempt to exploit weaknesses in your network. In other cases, hackers may simply buy information such as passwords off of other cybercriminals. 

Be Prepared, Hire a Cybersecurity Expert

Clearly there are many forms of cyber attack to be wary of. The best way to defend yourself against these types of cyber attack is to hire the help of a cybersecurity expert

A cybersecurity expert will know exactly how to remove malware, how to spot phishing techniques, how to strengthen passwords and how to fend off hackers. By outsourcing a cyber security firm, you’ll have access to a team of cybersecurity experts who can help you put in place preventative measures against cyber attacks and provide ongoing assistance.