Why a Town Home Might be the Best Bet for You and Your Family

When choosing a home, there are lots of different types of property to consider. One type of property you may want to consider is ‘town homes’ or ‘townhouse’.

As the name suggests, these properties are typically located in towns. Unlike regular houses, they tend to be narrower with less square footage. They are also often joined to another house – often in a terraced style. 

The advantage of these properties is that they can often be affordably-priced and conveniently-located. Below are just a few questions to consider that could help you determine whether a town home is right for you. 

How Large is Your Family and How Much Space Do You Need?

Town homes are typically not as big as the detached houses you get out in the suburbs. Rooms tend to be tighter and more compact. That said, these homes typically still have 3+ bedrooms, making them ideal for families. 

While narrower than regular houses, town homes may make up for this by being taller. Some are spread over more than three floors. Just be prepared to negotiate a lot of stairs.

Town homes make a much better alternative to condos if you’ve got a family. Many town homes have a yard – it may not be a big yard, but it’s still something (which is more than you get with a condo).

Is it Close to the Places You Need to Be?

Town homes tend to be very central. Everything you need is likely to be in walking distance including schools and grocery stores. This could mean saving time on commuting and saving money on fuel/public transport compared to a home in the suburbs.

Of course, this depends a lot on your lifestyle. Town homes are great for those that love town and city life. If you want access to nature and the wilderness, then you may not want to buy a townhome.

Is it in Your Budget/Price Range?

Town homes are ideal for families on a budget. While not as cheap as condos, they’re a lot cheaper than regular houses. For some families, a town house may be the only way to afford a home in a central area of a town/city.

Of course, it really depends where you’re buying. A townhouse in Manhattan, New York is going to be a whole lot more expensive compared to a townhouse in Manhattan, Kansas.

A Residential Contractor Can Help You Find the Perfect Space for Your Family

Finding the perfect town home isn’t easy. Sometimes the best option isn’t to buy an existing home, but to build one from scratch. This gives you more flexibility when it comes to the type of town home you want and the location, plus it can often work out surprisingly more affordable.

You can find that perfect space by hiring the right residential contractor. Look for residential contractors that specialize in sourcing land and building homes. Some contractors even specialize in sourcing land near schools and amenities targeted at families – this is ideally the type of contractor you want to work with.