Top 5 Dangers to Your Jewelry

Jewelry can be dangerous! But danger doesn’t mean you have to live without it. With some awareness and precaution, danger can be avoided.

If danger can’t be avoided, be aware that it does exist and take precautions. Here are the top 5 dangers to your jewelry when worn:

1) Water

If your jewelry touches water, immediately take it off and clean it with warm soapy water. The danger here is that the “dirt” in the water will attach itself to the jewelry, just like a magnet. The more dirt that stays on your jewelry, the more danger you are putting yourself at because the dirt can seep into pores and become trapped forever.

2) Blood

Blood is another danger to your jewelry. If you are wearing a ring and slice open your hand, take it off immediately. Blood is dangerous because it has iron in it, which reacts with the gold in most rings, causing the color of the metal to change permanently.

3) Cleaning Agents

When cleaning the jewelry, use room temperature water and a mild soap. Some danger exists in using hot water or harsh chemicals when cleaning your jewelry because they can damage the metal. If you do not see an etching on the back of the stone, it is most likely not gold, so avoid putting it in danger by using harsh chemicals.

4) Excessive Heat

If you are wearing your jewelry, do not go to the tanning or sauna salon. If you want to take your ring off when it is hot out, be sure that you put it on a soft surface like silk or satin because danger can exist in putting gold on hard surfaces (like cement) because danger could come in the form of scratching or bending.

5) Cleaners and Chemicals

It is dangerous to wear your jewelry while doing household chores. Chlorine in bleach and any other cleaning agents can cause danger to your jewelry, especially pearls because they are often glued together and water can penetrate inside and damage the glue and surrounding area.  

Chlorine is dangerous because it can discolor and damage your jewelry. If you love to wear your rings at the pool or beach, take them off before swimming and put them back on as soon as you get out of the water.

If you follow all these dangers, your jewelry should last a long time. However, if you regularly visit your jeweler for cleanings and inspections like you should (again, danger exists in the form of chemicals), your jewelry should last forever!