How Viruses and Malware Damage Your Network

Viruses and malware can cause many different types of network congestion in an organization including stealing bandwidth, decreasing network performance, and causing virus-induced downtime.

Public virus outbreaks can cause reputational damage to companies that publicly suffer from virus outbreaks. The virus outbreak could potentially make customers think twice about using the company’s services or buying products.

Employees who spend time repairing virus issues are not spending their time working on useful tasks which can lower an organization’s overall productivity. virus and malware can impact a network’s performance but virus removal causes network congestion as well.

In this article, we explore 5 different ways viruses and malware damage your network.

1) Virus infections cause bandwidth leakage

Virus-infected computers on a network will request virus definition updates from virus scanning servers. This virus definition request traffic can clog network bandwidth.

2) Malware slows down network speeds virus definitions are usually quite large files that are downloaded from virus scanning servers. Downloading large files to an end-user computer causes latency because the user’s connection will need to wait for the file download to complete before it can be used for anything else.

3) Viruses cause virus-induced downtime virus infection can cause virus-induced downtime for organizations that rely heavily on network access, particularly if an organization has an infected computer on its network that is not properly scanned and therefore infecting other computers over the network.

4) Network congestion virus infections can affect your ability to transfer large amounts of data across your network. virus infections can also affect end-user productivity if virus issues are frequently occurring on individual laptop or desktop computers.

5) Infected files might be uploaded to cloud virus scanning servers upload virus definition updates to virus scanning servers in the form of virus signatures. Virus signature updates contain lists of any virus definitions that have been created since the last virus definition update.

Viruses and Malware are a pain in the neck, don’t you think? With so many ways viruses and malware damage your network, it’s no wonder that virus protection is the number one concern for businesses.

Managed IT Providers offer virus protection as one of their services, helping your business cut down on virus related damages. Contact a trusted Managed IT Provider today.