The Effects of Technology Has on Our Lives – Where is it Going?

When you consider that just 70 years ago, we were all amazed at colour television, and we had the telephone, a bulky thing that was connected to the wall, but nevertheless, it allowed you to talk to someone in another location. From that time, digital technology took hold and today you have this single device that fits in your hand, a device that empowers you in so many ways; aside from face to face video calls, to anywhere in the world, your smartphone can wake you up, give you the news, tell you the time, allows you to transfer money, and buy just about anything without even leaving your living room.

The Internet

We have an invisible digital superhighway called the Internet, a platform that empowers billions of users, and with 5G and the Internet of things, just around the corner, we are on the verge of a completely new dimension, in terms of what we are able to do. Soon, every single digital device on the planet will be connected, and that will usher in AI, which some grimly predict will be the last invention of mankind.

Artificial Intelligence

Let’s take a look at the technical logistics industry, a leading UK firm such as Rhenus High Tech Ltd, who are experts at the transportation, installation and configuration of vending machines, access control systems, automated robotics and other technologies. This company already extensively uses artificial intelligence, with chips that learn and can therefore predict consumer behaviour, and tech giants Like Google are already integrating AI into their algorithms. You Google ‘holidays in Turkey’ and minutes later, Turkish holiday ads pop up in your browser window, all thanks to AI.


There are automobile factories that are run by a dozen employees, who are there to service the robots and monitor production, and we are now entering the merging of robotics with AI, which will see the arrival of ‘human robots’, who look and behave just as we do. You’ll have one in your home by 2030 and he or she will do just about everything for you, except go to the bathroom, you will be accosted in the street by a pretty female who suggests going into the store to check out the merchandise, and if you do decide to buy anything, you simply point your device at the QR Code and the transaction is complete.

Some philanthropists say that AI will give us all free time, time to be creative and enjoy life, while there are others who see the potential danger in creating computers that can learn. We are actually going down a road that no one has ever used, we have no idea of what AI will do, but the genie is well and truly out of the bottle and we are only a few years away with being able to merge with AI, and who knows where that will lead?