Technology & Remote Communities: Strengthening Ties

We are living in a digital world and that is changing our lives in so many respects, with new and emerging technologies that empower us in so many ways, and in this article, we will take a look at how technology is changing remote communities.

Real Time Communication

Perhaps the biggest benefit to remote communities is having the ability to communicate in real time, and using Internet-based platforms, the service is free. Perhaps the most powerful digital platform is Facebook, where communities create groups and share community information. This is especially important for remote communities as those in the Northern Territories, where they are very much isolated by distance, and the Internet brought with it distance learning, which empowers communities to educate themselves on every aspect of life.

Emergency Services

Living in remote areas brings with it many challenges and when there is an emergency, you are not talking about a matter of minutes until help arrives, rather hours. The Internet has changed all that, with real-time communication that enables support in emergency situations, and many lives have been saved thanks to the rapid response we have today.

Community Centres

There used to be a lot more of these places, where people would meet up and discuss all aspects of community life, but we still have such venues, take Tradies in Sutherland as an example, where locals can meet up and enjoy a cold beer and some great food, plus they have many community activities on the go. These venues are essential in many ways, as they bring people together and they can discuss community issues and plan for the future.

Online Employment

A person living in a remote area is no longer limited geographically when looking for employment, as there are many positions that allow the employee to work from home, plus it is now possible to create an-ecommerce platform and make a living selling locally made products online. There are many people that live in the country who earn a living online and that is very important for the welfare of many families.

Social Services

In Australia, the social services make very good use of technology, with social workers maintaining contact with those they are supporting, with Skype and Zoom empowering face to face video communication. While older people might have trouble learning new technology, the younger generation are very competent with IT and this helps in so many ways.

Drone Deliveries

In some countries, goods are already being delivered by drones and this is an emerging technology that you can expect to see in remote regions of Australia within the next couple of years, and that will transform life in the Outback and other remote areas. The cost of transporting goods will dramatically decrease and this can only be good for the community, and drones will likely deliver essential medicines and supplies.

Remote communities in Australia benefit from technology in so many ways, and this looks like it will continue, as new emerging technologies arrive.