Technological Advancements in the Moving Industry Today

The events of 2020 radically changed how Americans work. Because so many of us have been able to work remotely, the need to relocate to a better labor market has declined. Many citizens are now relocating in search of more affordable housing.


Technological Advancement in the Moving Industry Today

One of the handiest features around for those trying to set a moving budget is access to tools that provide smart pricing. If you need to move the contents of a 3-bedroom house, you can get a quick baseline price for a truck of that size. You can also get an estimate on what it will cost to hire a crew of movers or to hire someone to pack for you.


Additionally, you can change your needs via mobile apps and get a real-time response. These apps allow you to track your empty truck, monitor the movement of your possessions, and book a crew to help you unload. This definitely advances moving companies in the distance they can travel as many people need a long-distance or cross-country moving company today.


Other Trends in the Moving Industry


While most people needing to move are staying in the same general location, it is interesting that many more citizens are aiming to move across state lines. Work flexibility and a desire to live in areas with a lower population density seem to be driving this desire.


Affordable Housing

The desire to move to areas with more affordable housing is boosting the move across state lines. In regions of high population density, the option to buy a house is becoming more challenging as time passes. Moving to an area with a bit more elbow room can offer those who previously would have been lifelong renters the chance to build equity and create a customized home.


Virtual Reality

The tools of virtual reality are offering many people the chance to downsize more effectively. If you’re moving out of a 3,000-square-foot house into a retirement apartment of just 1,000 square feet, you will need to pare down your possessions. Virtual reality tools are helping those in the midst of a move to confirm that their larger pieces will easily fit through doorways, around corners, and even in elevators before these items get loaded on the truck.



It is also striking that you can now hire assistance to help you downsize, organize, and sell items that no longer serve you. As aging citizens move from the houses where they raised their families to smaller, less labor-intensive living spaces, a downsizing professional can be quite helpful.


Even if you’re only moving a short distance, knowing that every item that gets put on the truck will fit in your new space is a great stress reliever. Many downsizers that also offer organizational services can assist by helping lay out existing furniture in a new space and organizing closets, pantries, and linen cabinets.


Because we don’t have to live where we work, our mobility is increasing. Because the housing market is so tight, our new locations might be quite isolated. With an internet connection, we have many more options.