Why 75% Of Tesla Owners Believe EV Is The Future Of Transportation

Over the past few years, the auto industry has been through a lot of ups and downs. However, as of now, one of the biggest concerns for people is the growing pollution issue and the need to invest heavily in green energy. Right now, we need a sustainable solution to our diesel fueled and gasoline vehicles which is where companies like Tesla come in action. Tesla is an American electric vehicle company based in Palo Alto. Its CEO “Elon Musk” is working big time to bring environmental sustainability all around the globe. 

Around 75% of Tesla owners believe in EV that it’s going to be the future of transportation and it makes sense because this technology has enabled the entire auto industry to meet the  pollution standards worldwide. Even though Tesla electric cars can cost you a fortune, it’s still worthwhile. People are now slowly shifting to electric cars and powering them with clean energy in order to prevent the worst effects of climate change. 

Here are some facts that explain why and how electric vehicles are the future; 

1-Plummeting Battery Prices

As per Bloomberg New Energy Finance by the end of this year, electric vehicles will become a more economical option than gasoline or diesel powered vehicles. This will be a result of the reduction in the prices of batteries. By 2040, electric vehicles will make around 35% of car sales which is big! 

2-The Growing Industrial Use 

Undeniably, Tesla is the talk of the town for the best electric vehicles. These cars are now common and if you ever search for Tesla charger installation in Vancouver, you’ll probably find a service provider easily. Moreover, nations have now started addressing carbon emissions that are contributing to climate change. They are now taking decarbonization steps specifically in the transport sector. Here the only effective solution left is to shift to electric cars which is what we can see happening now. 

3-The Lifetime Cost-Effectiveness 

People have now started realizing that upfront expenses are way better than running expenses. In a nutshell, they are looking for cost-effectiveness when buying vehicles and EVs do fulfil this demand for them. Electric vehicles are now the new favorite for people because the cost of these cars is coming down with time and they offer a lifetime of over 20 years. This is exactly what car buyers are looking for. They are ready for a huge initial investment as long as the car they are buying brings them value and life-time cost effectiveness. 

4-Second Life Batteries 

With the new grid energy technology EV batteries will soon be able to store the energy produced by wind and solar power. The renewable energy when stored, can save people big-time money on charging fees. 

5-More charge stations

One of the biggest barriers in the use of EVs is the availability of charging stations. This barrier led to range anxiety. However with Tesla, you don’t have to worry about any such thing as Elon Musk is working on the installation of supercharger stations. The charging stations will readily be available at sports complexes, campuses, workplaces and other public gathering places. So whenever you’ll run out of power in your electric car, you’ll be able to charge it right away at a nearby station. 

6- Extraordinary Driving Experience 

Electric cars don’t come with a gear shifter. For example,if you try Kia e-Niro (electric SUV), you’ll see how there’s a simple dial in the centre. To reverse your car, you just have to twist the dial to the left and to drive,  twist it to the right. In other words, driving an electric car is a total breeze due to the comfort and convenience with which it comes. This serene and calm experience isn’t something you enjoy with the traditional cars.

These are some reasons that explain why Tesla owners think EVs are the future of transportation. People have already started shifting to this new, cost effective and energy efficient technology to save the environment from the chaos pollution is causing.