Studying Medicine Abroad And Staying in Good Health. Is It Possible?

Many students struggle with maintaining good health while studying medicine in Europe. If you’ve ever exposed yourself to prolonged studying, then you know how hard it can be to stay healthy. It’s true that people tend to neglect their bodies and sit for extended periods. It’s crucial to remember though, that there’s nothing more important than our health.

Back when I was studying medicine in Europe, I was the perfect student. However, in my first and second year, I completely stopped caring about what I eat, and apart from walking to the university I barely did any physical activity. As you might expect I gained some weight and even started losing a bit of my breath when climbing up the stairs at university.

Throughout my life, I’ve always been very fit, and when I started noticing the changes, I got a bit scared. I took measures, and when I began to invest more time and effort into my health status, I started noticing an increase in my studying productivity as well.

Staying in good health while studying medicine is 100% possible, and now I will give you some tips on how to do that effectively. These will surely help you succeed in the endeavour of studying medicine in Europe.

Change Your Diet

There is no need to completely cut down specific foods as long as you have them with a measure. What’s more, you should emphasise on eating certain things like fruits and vegetable. As banal as it may seem, they do wonders. They provide your body with the much-needed vitamins and antioxidants.

There are so-called brain foods that stimulate its activity. When I first started experimenting with this idea, I noticed a tremendous boost in my memory and mood. It takes a little bit of time for you to start seeing the effects.

You should particularly focus on good fats like Omega 3. You can get those from oily fish, nuts and especially walnuts. I have friends who take Omega 3 supplements, but it’s not the same as eating a real fish. Other sources of healthy fats are olive oil, avocados.

Start eating eggs. They contain all the essential amino acids as well as vitamins B6 and B12 and folic acid.

Start Doing Sports Regularly

I can’t help but notice how many people in medical school are overweight. I understand that the need to study all the time is there, we all have it, but this sedentary lifestyle is killing us. It destroys our bodies, mood, outgoingness. Everyone has something that he loves doing. Be it running, playing football, tennis, cycling and even digging the lawn. It doesn’t matter what it is but start investing at least an hour a day into sports. You will notice the effects of instantaneously.

I’m not going to lie; I used to be one of these people who thought that studying day and night was the way to go. In the third year of my course of studying graduate medicine in Europe, I decided that I need to make a change. I was being moody and stopped going out at all. I then started doing sports regularly, changed my diet and now I feel like a different person. I’m doing much better in medical school, and I’m generally a lot happier.
You’ve chosen the right career path into medicine, but now it’s time to learn how to balance a healthy lifestyle with effective studying. The tips I’ve listed are straightforward and yet life-changing.