How to Manage Parts of Your Business You Have No Experience In

Running a small business for the first time comes with quite a few learning experiences. There are going to be those tasks that you have no experience with that you have to get done. You might handle these on your own during the infancy of your business to keep costs low. Other entrepreneurs want to experience handling different areas of the business so they can hire and set up processes for workflows in the future. Others will be better off outsourced in the future as the time of a founder is better spent elsewhere. The following are areas of your business you might have to manage that you have no experience in. 


Handling accounting has become a bit more manageable than in the past due to technology. There are still accounting intricacies that are known by professionals that can truly save you money. Being able to accurately forecast accounts receivable and payable can relieve any financial stress you have about upcoming months. Business tax consulting is another area that you will need assistance with unless you are an expert in business tax law. For those entrepreneurs that are less than organized, the right accountant can put systems in place that makes saving expenses or receipts as easy as ever. 


The world of digital marketing is vast which can be tough to navigate for someone without a marketing background. Luckily there are so many talented freelancers that can help with your digital marketing. The last thing you want to do is hire someone that charges a premium rate but does not provide results. Platforms like that of connect freelancers with businesses. The best part is that there are ratings of freelancers so you can ensure you are picking the best candidate for a job possible. There will also be agencies that will be easier to handle as you likely will have one main point of contact rather than managing a dozen employees. 


Hiring is a complex process, especially if the positions you are hiring for are not in your wheelhouse. A web development professional might be able to talk circles around a business owner without a tech background but some businesses, such as those at dermani Medspa, are much more savvy than that. Hiring software can be a huge assistance as it can help automate certain things like rejections or invites to another interview. Hiring software also utilizes artificial intelligence that helps identify patterns usually associated with a quality applicant. 


Sales can be tough for a person that doesn’t like personal interaction. Finding the right sales team can completely change the trajectory of a struggling business. Find sellers that will not be too pushy but understand the importance of persistence. You do not want your company known as one with incredibly rude salespeople. You want to build your business based on respect and a focus on customer experience. 

As you can see, you will need to be able to delegate things that you are not proficient in. Take the time to create a list of tasks where you need help and put a plan into place to get that help.