How Does TIEROC Save You Money

Imagine a world without TIEROC. It would be a world where we rely on traditional construction methods and materials like gravel, sand, and asphalt. Not only are these methods and materials expensive, they also create a lot of waste.

TIEROC is a different kind of construction material. It’s made from recycled railroad ties and post-consumer wood waste, which means it doesn’t require any new mining or drilling. And since it’s engineered, it can be used as a substitute for traditional construction materials like gravel, sand, and asphalt. That means you can save money on your construction projects while also reducing your environmental impact. Here are ten ways how TIEROC can save you money:

1. It helps reduce landfill waste: Railroad ties are predominately used as a construction aggregate substitute in lieu of concrete and asphalt.

2. It’s made with recycled materials: Post-consumer wood waste is shredded and used in the manufacturing process, so there’s no need to cut down new trees.

3. It decreases your carbon footprint: Manufacturing TIEROC emits significantly less greenhouse gasses than traditional building materials.

4. It’s durable and long lasting: Because railroad ties are engineered for strength, they last longer than traditional construction materials.

5. It’s weather resistant: Rail ties are naturally resistant to moisture and decay, making them a great choice for outdoor projects and applications.

6. It’s versatile: TIEROC can be used for a variety of projects, both big and small. For example, it can be used to pave roads, construct buildings, or build bridges.

7. It’s affordable: Compared to other building materials, TIEROC is cost effective. For example, using TIEROC in place of gravel can save you up to 50%.

8. It’s easy to work with: TIEROC is easy to handle and install, so even DIYers can use it.

9. It’s safer: There’s no need for harsh chemicals when working with TIEROC, making it safer for you and the environment.

10. It helps support the local economy: By using TIEROC, you’re supporting local businesses and the jobs they provide. For example, the recycling facility that manufactures TIEROC is located in your community.

Railroad ties are predominately used as a construction aggregate substitute in lieu of concrete and asphalt. When you use TIEROC, you’re using a product that’s made with recycled materials, decreasing your carbon footprint and helping reduce landfill waste. TIEROC is also durable and long lasting, making it a great choice for your next project. For more information on how TIEROC can save you money, visit