Discovering The Wonders of the World, My Name is Light by Kelly Anne Manuel

“Keep your children wild—don’t make them grow up too fast.” – Brooke Hampton.

Our world offers a lot of wonders that are just waiting to be explored, and from the eyes of children, it is a vast ocean full of endless possibilities. If there’s an excellent time for exploration, it’s during one’s childhood days since this is when the person develops and learns new things. The best way to learn is through experience. Children are like sponges when they are young, soaking in information from everything around them. Exploration, play, and observation are how they learn. As guardians, you must encourage kids to preserve that spark inside of them, to be curious about the world continuously, and to seek the light and how lively the world is constantly. This is the underlying message in Kelly Anne Manuel’s My Name is Light.

My Name is Light by Kelly Anne Manuel is a lighthearted and enjoyable tale that will spark your child’s imagination. It explores the theory that childhood is a time for playful fascination and learning. It is Book Two of Kelly Anne Manuel’s “My Name Is” Series, which consists of stories that can help connect in their internal and external nature, explore self-esteem, and clear communication. These books allow the child to say: “This is who I am.” 

Indeed, childhood is not merely a time for innocent interest but also a crucial time for learning. Encouraging children to view the world positively with oozing brightness and light is essential. By doing so, we can motivate kids to be more accepting of their surroundings and continue striving in life, just like the light they are.

My Name is Light

In My Name is Light, the child is led on an adventure into nature where, with the aid of the animal kingdom, a breakthrough is discovered that leads to a joyful celebration. The child is interested, and nature, like in real life, doesn’t disappoint him. In the first scene of “My Name Is Light,” a young child is outside and observes something dazzling in their field of view. The child uses the opportunity to connect with a feeling of “light.” The Animal Kingdom animates this fascinating, pleasant, and playful experience. When they actively participate in communication, children will learn to communicate their needs and discover the enjoyable adventures that lie ahead.

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