Color your Hair

When you color your hair you are making a fashion statement that may resonate not only among your intimate circle of friends, but among your family and friends, and even in your office or on the factory floor.

Hair color is psychologically related to the color of your eyes. Persons with red hair usually have icy green eyes. Those with jet black hair most often have soft brown eyes. And sincere blondes are usually blessed with eyes the color of old gold coins that pathetic old men want to give to them on their birthdays.

However, when one changes the color of ones hair and does not change the color of one’s eyes, there can be some ambiguity as well as disappointment that could lead to romantic complications and even murder in the second degree. Take the case of the Ad Hoc Sisters — a musical group that originally toured the Great Lakes region with purple hair. Their eyes were a delightful azure yellow. But when they all dyed their hair plaid they not only lost their fan base, but soon became insurance adjusters with ulcers and flimsy tax shelters. Don’t let that happen to you. Just shave yourself bald and forget about the whole deal.